Friday, August 31, 2007


Pete rec'd an award from his Squadron's Commanding Officer back when he was a Master Corporal, teaching at the 404 Squadron technical school on Base... I am so proud of him.
He's very dedicated to serving our beautiful country.
Journaling reads:
Commanding Officer’s Commendation
Presented to Master Corporal Pete MacDonald
The Commanding Officers’ Commendation is awarded to MCpl Pete MacDonald for his outstanding work streamlining the CP-140 2nd Line Radar Course.
His initiative significantly proves the Squadron’s ability to meet critical manning requirements in the field. MCpl MacDonald's comprehensive knowledge of the Radar 2nd Line Facility and his willingness to challenge the status quo were instrumental in developing a new approach to radar training that now complements the way techniques are employed in the 2nd line repair facilities.
His program gets technicians back into the field 2 months sooner, eliminates unnecessary training, and provides the field with the flexibility in training that they need.
MCpl MacDonald has unselfishly employed his innovation and expertise to the greater benefit of the CP-140 fleet. This commitment to the squadron goals and his dedication to the CP-140 fleet are applauded.
Dec 2005
Signed: LCol WJ Seymour
Commanding Officer
All Scrapbooker's Clubhouse Septmeber Kit items are starred.**(See link below.)
Cardstock: Bazzill, Java**
Patt. paper: Paper Trunk Gigi-Witty #PT07GIG**
Lettering: Li'l Davis Vanderbilt flocked Ivory chipboard alphabet**
Burgundy pp: Atlantic Fabrics
Sandpaper for distressing; Garnet 150 grit
Cream Cardstock: Sally Papers
Font: Tahoma
Eyelet nauguahide trim: Atlantic Fabrics
Brads: Make it Special (painted w/ Avon nail enamel: Rose Star)
Canada flash: From one of Pete's military uniforms
Photo credit: 14 Wing Greenwood Photo Section

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Three Bugs in a Rug!

Just had to let you all know that 2 of my LO's (actually, one is a mini-album) have been chosen for the Three Bugs in A Rug online Idea Gallery!

Here is the link:

They are both in the left hand column of layouts shown, you'll see my name beside them. I'm sooooo excited! Enjoy! Thanks for checking them out! ~ Ali

A fun little creation!

Here is something I made for a "repurposing" challenge at Scrapbooker's Clubhouse. It is simply 4 tic-tac containers with lids, covered with beautiful patterned paper and made into a dispenser for thin ribbon or fibers. I also added some small wooden beads from a necklace of Kate's that broke a couple of summers ago.

Looks so darned cute, and keeps the pretties from becoming tangled! It was fun eating and enjoying all the tic tacs for this! **wink**

One pic shows the dispenser closed so you can see how it is made. I usually keep it open though, with the ribbon all ready to pull out.

The other pic shows the ribbon dispenser "open," ie: all 4 tic tac container tops are flipped open with ribbon/fiber ready to pull out as needed.


Repurposed items: 4 tic-tac containers with lids, washed and labels removed; and 5 round wooden beads from an old broken summer necklace

Scotch tape (or packing tape) to secure the 4 little containers side by side

Paper Trunk pp: Gigi Witty #PT07GIG (from the September Kit @ SBCH)

Podge, gloss (by Orient, gloss)

Flowers: Fancy Pants

Brads: American Traditional Designs

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Another layout done for Scrapbooker's Clubhouse with the awesome Paper Trunk September Kit. I was also able to incorporate some of the SBCH June Daisy Bucket Kit papers here. Just delicious!
Here's how you can access the fun at SBCH:

(September Kit items are starred**)
Paper Trunk patterned paper: Gigi -Compassionate** #PT08GIG, Graceful** #PT10GIG, Witty** #PT07GIG, Strong** #PT 11GIG**
Daisy Bucket pp: Cool Dude Collection- Far Out Frank, Groovy Gevin, Awesome Adam
Cardstock: Bazzill- Gumbo**
150 grit Garnet sandpaper for distressing
Dye Ink: ink it up! Khaki green #1027-14
Lettering: Li’l Davis Designs, Flocked Chipbd Alphabet**: Vndrblt Alpha Ivory #2161
Journaling written with American Crafts Slick writer: black.

Thanks for looking!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Congratulations Kristie!

My friend Kristie was promoted at work this week! So happy for her!

Here's her CONGRATS card, which was made with portions of
the Scrapbooker's Clubhouse (SBCH) September kit...

** Stars indicate supplies from the Sept SBCH kit.

Dye ink: Ink it Up! Turquoise #1027-12
Cardstock for stamped greeting: Bazzill- Travertine**
Stamp: Designed by Judy Pelikan (from Stamp-a-Greeting kit)
Dbl sided Patterned Paper
Paper Trunk Gigi-Strong**(fine plaid)
Gigi-Graceful** (scallops)
Floral medallion fr BasicGrey Romani-Gypsy line, Patchouli: GYP-532

3/4" pale green satin ribbon: Home Sweet Home by So-Facile Canada

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My Pirate-Booty Bucket!

Hi Everyone!

Here are 2 views of something I made last a Scrapbooking/altering challenge for Scrapbooker's Clubhouse (SBCH).
You can check out SBCH here:
I had a BLAST doing this challenge!!

This decorative bucket matches my office, and is now a "non-piggy bank," pirate-booty bucket!
It was Pete's suggestion to use a piece of my leftover wallpaper border, which I'd saved in a safe place in case of need! Way to go Pete! Great suggestion. It's PERFECT for this bucket! And-- I love the steam train portion of the border that we decided to use on the bucket. I decorated this room 5 years ago and I STILL love that border.

I will be using my pirate-booty bucket to save up for the RV that Peter and I are hoping and dreaming of buying for our large family someday.

The black ribbon on the twill base(repurposed zipper-pull, see description) lifts up to reveal a slot cut in the bucket's top for coins and (?? MAYBE) bills if I am VERY diligent in my saving! Heehee
TY all so much for looking!
Hope you like it!
Bucket w/ top: Kernels
Patt paper: from Scrapbooker's Clubhouse , the Rusty Pickle Mayflower line~ Dorothy May Bradford RP713 (used the dotted paper side as this awesome, thick paper is dbl-sided)
Mulberry paper: Atlantic Fabrics
Steam Train: repurposed from a leftover portion of my office wallpaper border (Imperial)
Word trim: "
Nauguahide/metal eyelet trim: Atlantic Fabrics
Cream satin cording: Atlantic Fabrics
Round fancy metal buttons: Frenchy's button bin
Octagonal/onyx metal buttons: Frenchy's button bin
Black satin ribbon: 2 1/2" scrap (!!)
Forest green and burgundy satin ribbons: scraps (TY Mom)
Green eyelash yarn: scrap
Zipper pull made of black twill (saved from a school backpack last year) used under black ribbon & octagonal button to cover the coin slot. (Very sturdy, just lifts up.)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hopes and Dreams

This page was made using elements of the very versatile September kit at Scrapbooker's Clubhouse~! You can check out SBCH here:
All items from the kit are starred. **

It's so much fun being a Guest Design Team Member at SBCH! I am really loving it.
On this page, I was thrilled to see that I could combine the Paper Trunk paper with the Gypsy Patchouli pattern from BasicGrey. Doesn't it look awesome with the Paper Trunk "Graceful" pattern from the SBCH kit? Amazing! Thanks for looking!


Cardstock~ Travertine,** Rain & Cream Bazzill

PP~ BasicGrey- Gypsy: Patchouli GYP-532 (this pattern is on special at SBCH right now!)

Paper Trunk paper: Gigi-Graceful (Turquoise scallops under each quote)#PT10-GIG**

Piercing Tool (MM)**~ to pierce before stitching flower centres @ bottom corners of LO

Floss: DMC #746

Title Lettering~ Li'l Davis Designs: Vanderbilt Flocked Chipboard Alphabet (ivory)**

Parentheses: Magnolia Serene-Adorable Rub-on (#MGR101): Thanks Sherry!

Font: JSL Ancient for title (free from

Font: Tahoma for journaling & quotes.

Ink: Ink it up! khaki green # 1027-14

Journaling reads: Hopes and Dreams…

"Nothing happens unless first we dream." ~Carl Sandburg

A few dreams have been my companions since I was a young RN. That’s real persistence!!

As time has passed, certain dreams have become less important, dropping out of my thoughts or changing form. Some have cropped up more recently. Certain dreams beg to be gently nurtured or stubbornly cultivated, others, quietly treasured.

A few of my more “recent” dreams actually surprise me, ‘cause they’re things I never imagined would become “my” dreams, but they’ve unfolded in my heart and head through circumstance, experience or need.

Although I have many hopes and dreams, here are the outlines of three:

~ I dream of being a positive force, encouraging and energizing other women facing major challenges in their lives.

~ I dream of completing my Masters degree.

~ I dream of buying an RV and travelling back to Alberta with Pete and the kids so that we can explore it together.

Quotes (from The Quote Garden) are as follows (and YES, they're on my mirror!):
“Whatever you dream you can achieve, begin it. Genius has boldness, power and magic in it.” ~Goethe

“Within our dreams and aspirations we find our opportunities.” ~Sue Ebaugh

“One of the secrets of life is to make stepping stones out of stumbling blocks.” ~Jack Penn

“Establishing goals is all right if you don't let them deprive you of interesting detours.” ~Doug Larson

Monday, August 20, 2007

Birthday Card

Here's a card I made for my Dad in law for his birthday. It's a tad late, we sure hope he likes it!
We love you, Doug/Dad/Opa!

Thanks for looking!


**Many items are from the awesome September "Scrapbooker's Clubhouse" kit, as indicated by the stars.**
You can check out SBCH here:

CS: Bazzill (Gumbo** & Travertine**)
PP: Gigi Strong (Paper Trunk) PT 11 GIG** from the September Kit at SBCH
Squares cut with CM square cutter
Garnet 150 grit sandpaper for distressing
"One of a Kind" word rub-on: Magnolia by My Mind's Eye (Serene "Adorable" # MGR101) [Thanks to Sherry!]
Burgundy satin ribbon: scrap (Thanks Mom!)
Black button: Frenchy's button bin
Flower: Queen and Co. Black Felt border**
Rub-on flourish: BasicGrey Wholy cow~ "Black Floral Border"

A quote that says it all~

"Scrapbooking is personal. It’s about opening up and sharing your own life. It makes us human. It makes us reflect on who we are and where we want to be in life. It helps us discover the beauty (the art) in the midst of our life, and the life in the midst of our art."
~Ali Edwards

That's a quote from my scrapbooking idol: Ali E.

Ali Edwards really has it together- she says it 'just right.' This is what scrapbooking is all about: SHARING. LIVING. REFLECTING. DISCOVERING. EXPLORING.

Thank you, Ali E., for saying it so well.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Riding is Music: Hoofbeats

This layout was done as a "sneak peek" Design Team assignment for Scrapbooker's Clubhouse (SBCH). What a great, friendly place, full of talented & caring people! This creation was made with the gorgeous Paper trunk papers and a Hambly transparency from the SBCH September kit, soon to be available. You can check out SBCH here:

Thanks to my friend Sherry for the tip about changing the brad's colour with nailpolish! Great idea!
Journaling reads:

Riding is Music

Kate, I wonder, when I’m watching you ride, whether you hear rhythm and music to match the beat of your horse’s hooves. You and Oakley look so free, but I know you’re a team, working very hard together to make it look easy. You’re both so beautiful; I really do think that there must be music in riding.

I know without a doubt that this is what you are meant to do…I hope you always hear music in your heart, wherever the horses take you.

I love you, sweetie.


Journaling~ August 14, 2007
(Photos by Kristie Innes, June 2007)
Arena: Rohan Wood Stable


Journaling block- cream Bazzill
Title font: RomanScrD
Journaling font: Century Gothic
Title lettering: Li'l Davis Designs, "Li'l Trinkets & Treasures" letters, Typewriter black
Turquoise paper: reverse of Gigi-wise, Paper Trunk (#PT12-GIG)
Patterned paper: Gigi-graceful Paper Trunk (#PT10-GIG)
Screen print (music transparency)- portion of "Scrapbooker's Sonata"
Compass Tag: Imagine that! (Travel)
Sandpaper used to distress: Garnet 150 grit
Dye ink: Memories- Black
Large Brad in tag: 'Make it Special'
Nail enamel to change brad colour: Avon Color Last #353: Rose Star
Heart clip: unknown brand, TY Pam! (Antiqued with nail enamel: Rose Star)
Black velvet ric-rac: Atlantic Fabrics
Cream satin ribbon: scrap- TY Mom!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Christmas Eve 1999

This is a page I actually re-did because I HAD to. The new version is SOOOO much better! As a rule I don't re-do pages but this one needed to be re-created! Thanks to Noella for the challenge!


Cardstock: Bazzill~ denim blue
Patterned CS, all BasicGrey as follows:
Romani~ stripe BG GYP- 529
~red BG GYP- 523
Dasher~ Snowfall Cranberry BG DSH-636
Chipboard: Little Davis Designs # 2290, swirl and snowflake
Paint: Colonial Blue- Orient acrylic ZD 200-31
Specialty Glaze- Making Memories #28918
Rub-ons: Black Swirls- Wholy cow (BasicGrey) "Back Floral Border" bel-582
Black and white swirl & "HAPPY": Daisy d's "I Am Frame" (#15153) TY Pam!
Colonial blue painted on edges of journaling blocks w/ #12 flat paintbrush
Thread: # unknown, Koban brand
ZigZag stitching done w/ "White" sewing machine

Journaling reads: "Excitement shimmered as Kate & Bryan opened specially chosen gifts from Tante Xandi, Tante Mary & Uncle Gil plus Grandma & Grandpa on Christmas Eve. Our family of four had been invited to Mary & Gil’s home to share the evening with family members who were visiting the Annapolis Valley over the holidays. Kate & Bryan were the recipients of such thoughtfully chosen treats! The sparkly princess outfit, wooden trains, and the magnetic science set were all high on the exciting gift list! From the expressions on their faces, you can tell the kids were tired, thankful and thrilled, all at the same time. How cute is that?? Christmas most certainly is a special time for all, but especially for children. ~Christmas Eve~ 1999"

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Daniel @ six

Our sweet son Daniel, last August (2006) during our PEI trip. We had just arrived at the PEI Provincial Park we made "home" for a week. Awesome place! I'm so thrilled with the simplicity of this LO. I love LO's that place a focus on the photo(s). I don't often do 1-photo LO's either, so this was a really good exercise for me. Thanks for looking!


Patterned cardstock: Sally papers
Denim Blue CS: Bazzill
Light cream CS: Bazzill
Dye ink: Memories (black)
Burgundy Mulberry paper: Atl. Fabrics
All Boy stamp: 7Gypsies (purchased @ SBCH)
Black lettering (title): BasicGrey,Scarlet's Letter: scr-811
"2006": All My Memories- Dee's Designs Distressed look rub-ons
"Memories": All My Memories- Dee's Designs Distressed look rub-ons
Green grosgrain ribbon: repurposed from ?
Velvet ric-rac (black): Atl. Fabrics

Friday, August 3, 2007

A Birthday Card!


Cardstock: Bazzill.
Swirled patterned paper: Marianne Richmond (Many thanks to my sister Mary!) .
Small Basic Grey square cut from the "table of contents sheet" that comes with each collection- in this case: Fusion.
Patterned paper used for stamped greeting: Basic Grey scrap- unsure which collection(Fusion?)
Thread: Guterman #477.
"White" sewing machine for Zigzag stitching.
Flower: Making Memories, TY Casey!
Metal ribbon charm, Making Memories (Details variety pack #23188).
Burgundy ribbon saved from my cousin Susan's wedding invitation. (Thanks Sue!)


I love how this layout shows Daniel's little hands. He had just turned six wen this was taken. Here is the journaling:
" Daniel is our little scientist. He loves the thrill of gathering facts and learning new things.

As we unpacked from our late summer trip in the rented RV, Daniel settled himself into a canvas chair on the front lawn beside the garden and read about caterpillars in a French book called Chenilles et papillons. As he read, he watched a caterpillar creeping among the leaves.

Daniel named his fuzzy green friend “Callisto” after one of the Galilean moons of Jupiter.

The next day, Daniel went out in the garden, but Callisto was gone. Daniel was quite upset until Daddy told him that Callisto probably had a family to take care of and had to go home. This seemed to soothe Daniel’s sadness. It made sense to him: after all, he had a Daddy, too, and his Daddy gave him lots of love and care!

Our scientist was, first and foremost, a little boy!"
Photos: September 2, 2006
Journaling: August 3, 2007

Background CS: Basic Grey- Lily Kate Vanilla (LIK-552) This appears VERY washed out in photo of page, SORRY! I tried to get a true pic but no luck!
Basic Grey- Skate Shoppe Ollie (SKT-310, TY to Pam.)
Bazzill: Buttery colour, green & denim blue.
Monogram "S" made using Bazzill Chips size 1 3/4" chipboard circle, painted w/ bright yellow (Plaid # zd200-049), with a piece of SKT-310 (Ollie) BasicGrey podged onto left half, letter "S" from Heidi Swapp white "SHE" Chipboard Alphabet (HS 63703) painted & podged on top.
Wooden Dragonfly: Regal Greetings.
Dragonfly "flight path" drawn w/ American Crafts Slick Writer.
Yellow title lettering: BG AWS-020- Acid Washed Sophie.
Ink: Ink it up! (Khaki)