Friday, November 30, 2007

All updated...

There, a little "housekeeping" is all done. My scrapbooking room/office is tidy, and I'm all set to go. And... this creative BLOG has been updated!

Starting tomorrow, December 1st, I will officially begin my Term at SBCH as a Design Team Member, so those were a few little things I had wanted to accomplish before "starting."

Feel free to bookmark this BLOG and refer back as often as you like. There will be TONS of new projects featuring the awesome Scrapbooker's Clubhouse Kits! Their link is on the right...
------> check it out, you'll be happy you DID!

Thinking of You card...

This photo was taken at our campsite on PEI. The grass was really THAT GREEN!!!

[ **= from SBCH]
Cardstock: Bazzill, Dk. Green
Patterned Paper: light green Basicgrey Oh Baby! Collection OB-447 Peapod**
Brads: American Traditional Designs~ Antique Silver Round
Swirl: Bazzill Wholy Cow Rub-On
Ink: ColorBox green (TY Mom & Dad!)
Stamp: WS-d2


These pix were taken at my sister Mary and my BIL Gil's home, in April 2006. Enjoy! TY for looking! Quote says: "Being together is the best gift of all." ~ Author Unknown.
Thanks Heather for the November Quote Challenge!
[**= from SBCH; Scrapbooker's Clubhouse]
Patterned Paper: BasicGrey "Motifica" Collection; 'Chalk' MOT 067**
Lettering: BasicGrey Blush Letters; BLU-663**
Fleur-de-lis motif & swirls on tag cut from Motifica 'Clay Motif" MOT 069**
Tag/ribbon: Streetwear collection, repurposed with Motifica 'Clay Motif' swirls added
Pen: American Crafts SlickWriter: black, fine **
Ink: Ink-it-up! Khaki Green 1027-14
Pull tab (for hidden journaling) made from 2 small vellum Stickopotamus Tags, adhered together & onto Bazzill CS.
Chipboard Circle: Magistical Memories~ Nesting Circles **
Patt paper to cover circle: unknown
Buttons: Frenchy's Button Bin
Tools: Glue Dots **
Heritage Corner Punch: Fiskars

Perpetual Birthday Calendar: Altered Rolodex

I didn't round the corners of the tabs as some folks do. I also added an extra tab at the end and called it "Miscellaneous." Kinda handy! The flower that looks orange "ISN'T!" It matches the patterned paper. Thanks Laura, SBCH Design Team Member for the class at a recent Crop. This is a super-useful project that appeals to my organized Virgo nature!


[**= from Scrapbooker's Clubhouse: SBCH]
Stickers: Provocraft Roll Alphabets "Wedge Outline Black Letters" #42-0485
Patt Paper: BasicGrey "Fiona" (Perhaps Collection) per-742
Flowers & leaf: Prima**
Brads (as flower centers): American Traditional Designs (copper look)
Pen: MS-6600 'Pure Black' Zigwriter: 1.2mm tip
Glue Dots**

Sandspit!! August 2006

(** = from Scrapbooker's Clubhouse: SBCH)

At the Sandspit Amusement Park, PEI, August 2006

CS: Bazzill's Candy Apple**
Pp: 3 Bugs in a Rug “Chalk Garden” Listen cha-341**
Circular stickers; center of chipboard flower: ChitChat stickers-Chalk Garden Coll'tn cha-379**
White Marker- Pen Touch
Chipboard Flower- Bazzill
MM Ribbon Glue**
Rickrack: vintage pkg of Wright’s (from Frenchy’s, Wilmot, NS)

Sunday, November 25, 2007


Holy Hannah Banana!!! I am so, so, so excited! I was chosen as a Design Team Member for the next 4 months at Scrapbooker's Clubhouse!!!

Here's the link to the Club:

Happy dance... Happy dance!

Such an honour. Oh my Gosh. All of the 24 entrants were so talented-- it boggled the mind. My design teammates will be Caroline (BC), Cristin (also from NS!!) and Jenn (ON).

Our "Boss Lady" and the owner of SBCH is Nicole Drewniak (AB), and our DT Co-ordinator is Noella (NB.) I am over the moon. Can't wait to get started!

Our Design Team's term runs December 2007-March 2008. I'll be sharing my creations with you all, and with many more folks, designing with the awesome kits from SBCH. How exciting is that?

Saturday, November 24, 2007


Journaling reads: I’m a Virgo… born in September 1966, the only Virgo in my family. I am proud of my Virgo traits. Being flexible, organized, detail-oriented and observant has helped me immensely as a nurse, a writer and as a Mom to four children.

My Zodiac element is Earth, and I’m a very “grounded” person. I value that ‘groundedness,’ as I value patience, order and reliability, all of which are Virgo traits. I freely admit that I find it hard to deal with impracticality and to relate to people with “watery,” restless personalities. I’m not at ease with that. I have to push myself hard to deal with that sort of person.

I really love to be with people of the type where “what you see is what you get.” I value truth and honesty, and can quickly become close with people who are just what they seem, even if I seldom get to see or interact with them. My good friends Shawna and Kristie are perfect examples of this.

Being a keen observer seems to have contributed to the development of what I call my ‘antennae.’ They make large groups or crowd of people an interesting (and often unpleasant) experience for me. I get so much non-verbal “INPUT” flying at me from all directions that filtering it and sorting it out is a chore that makes me extra-happy to be a homebody!

When reading an email or letter, I sense what the person who wrote it wanted to say, even if that’s different from what they actually wrote. It can be hard hearing a person say one thing while they’re THINKING something entirely different. You know what I mean… How do you handle that situation?

One huge advantage to this “antennae-like” ability is that often, I’m able to sense the type of person I’m ‘meeting.’ I weed out insincere people very quickly. This can also be disconcerting at times, and can cause a lot of inner turmoil as I try to understand what my “filters” are catching and hinting at. Sometimes the warnings are outright and bold but usually it’s more subtle & it takes me a little “sorting time” to figure it all out.

My intake of impressions and information from others through my “antennae” has become much sharper since I was diagnosed with MS (August, 2003) and since Noah was diagnosed with Autism (Dec, 2004). I think the three things are somehow connected. Even so, the list of Virgo characteristics tells me that some of this ability is an innate trait.

I love “being a Virgo,” sixth sign of the Zodiac. I am making peace with the special abilities this sign has brought me. Although some of my Virgo traits can be isolating, they are also human skills that I value very much. I wouldn’t trade them for anything!

Journaling~ November 22, 2007

(**= avail from SBCH)

Photo: Karen Doiron

CS: BasicGrey Oh Baby! OB-449 Lilac**
BasicGrey Phoebe Collection “Ashbury Street” phe-755**
Bazzill Basics Pale Lilac colour from “Blossom” pack (Journaling block)
Bazzill Plumberry** (as photo mat)
Bazzill Juicy Plum** (under “VIRGO” title)
Lettering: BasicGrey Oh Baby! Boy Letters OBB-471**
Virgo symbol from: Wikipedia -
Ink: Stampcraft Violet dye ink (TY Mom and Dad)
Rub-On swirls: BasicGrey Transfers~Wholy Cow! #00492
Button: own button collection
Thread: 1. Guterman #227 (soft baby blue)
2. Guterman #911 (medium plum)

Fucshia and silver curve: Cut from neckline of vintage top purchased at Frenchy’s, Wilmot, NS

White Sewing machine (wide and narrow zigzag & straight stitch)
Craft knife for cutting out Virgo symbol

SBCH Design Team Submission #3

Details for this layout are in a previous BLOG post so I won't repeat it all. I just wanted you to see what I submitted as my creative work , 'cause it made up a large part of my application. TY for looking! ~ Ali

SBCH Design Team Submission #2

Details for this layout of our Oma Agnes (Peter's Grandma, in Germany) are in a previous BLOG post so I won't repeat myself. I included a closeup of the metal word plaques, the swirl and the buttons and leaves (I painted leaves to fit theme.)

SBCH Design Team Submission #1

Hi everyone!
I used this above layout of Noah and Sheena last winter/spring (2006) as one of my Design Team Submissions and part of my application. Hope you like it! I also included a close up of the details: my stitching, the lace and rick-rack, patt paper, etc... :)
Journaling reads:


It’s funny how things come about, Noah. Before we adopted her, Sheena had lived next door to a little girl who had Autism Spectrum Disorder. Sheena, by preference, spent many of her days outdoors with the little girl, who loved to swing. Jane told us the little girl didn’t seem to have much parental supervision. Sheena kept an eye on her.

When Sheena came to live with us, she chose to sleep outside your bedroom door for the first two nights she was here. Did Sheena know that you, too, were a child with ASD? Even though she was in a new home, a totally new place, it was as if she sensed your vulnerability and was looking out for you. She knew you were special. Once Sheena saw how much TLC & attention you were getting, she seemed to realize that you got plenty of love from your family. She was probably relieved that she didn’t have to be quite so watchful! Sweet dog.

It was so cute the day I taught you to give Sheena a treat, Noah. This huge puff-ball of a snow-dog, with her furry, oversized polar-bear feet gently took it from your fingers. You can see by the captured smile how pleased you were to give your fluffy friend a snack.

Daddy and I treasure these photos. J

Noah and Sheena, April 2006



(** = avail from SBCH)

CS: Bazzill: Rain** and Juicy Plum**
PP: BasicGrey Phoebe “Ashbury Street” phe-755**
Buttons: Frenchy’s Button Bin, Wilmot, NS
White polyester lace: unknown brand~ TY Mom
Green velvet rick-rack: BasicGrey LilyKate, Unique Ribbons~ rib-574**
Sheer flower- Prima Whispers Frost: Item # 512736**
Ink: Memories Dye Ink~ Black~ TY Mom and Dad
Thread: Guterman # 925
Font: Tunga
Tools: White sewing machine
MM Ribbon Glue**
Mini Glue Dots**
Fiskars Trimmer


Article from Aby Garvey's Simplify 101 newsletter

Finish Your Holiday Shopping in One Fun-filled Day!
by Aby Garvey

Whether you love to shop (or dread it) there are a number of other enjoyable ways to spend your time during the holidays than at the shopping mall with swarms of other people. If the thought of battling the crowds has you singing the blues, simplify your shopping by getting it all done in one day. Sound impossible?
Here's the simple plan we use year after year to make holiday shopping a single, fun-filled day.

Find a Shopping Companion

The best case scenario is to shop with your husband or significant other, because, quite simply, they have the same list of people to buy for. What, he hates to shop? Yes, my husband does too. But, I have to tell you, spending a whole day together, alone, without children is a great treat for both of us. Sure we spend some time in the man-dreaded malls, but we also hit his favorite spots like electronics stores and a wine and cheese market. Another great thing about shopping with your honey is that it gives you both a chance to show the other person what's topping your wish list this year. Clever, eh?

Pick a Day
Select a day that works well for you and your companion. Choosing a weekday or even a Saturday in November is a sure way to avoid large crowds. Consider taking a day off for your shopping marathon, if you work full time and have vacation time left. If this isn't possible, start your shopping extravaganza early on a Saturday morning before the crowds get too thick. Then take a long, late lunch and finish up your shopping during the dinner hour.Hire a Baby SitterOr dog sitter or any other service provider you need to make it possible to be away from home for an entire day.

Make a List

A key to getting your shopping done in a single day is preplanning and capturing your plans on a simple list.

Column 1: the names of every person you are buying for this year.

Column 2: gift ideas for each person on the list. Be as specific as possible.

To get all of your shopping done in one day, make as many buying decisions ahead of time as possible. You can do research on the Internet for great gift ideas or ask your friends and family if they have something special on their wish list this year.Column 3: store name. Write down where you will purchase each item on your list. Limit the number of stores as much as possible to keep your travel time to a minimum. Remember, your goal is to finish in just one day!

Shop Online First

Once you have your list made up, look for opportunities to purchase items on-line. This is ultra convenient if you're shopping for out of town friends and relatives, just be sure to shop early and look carefully at the website's shipping policies and deadlines. Add gift wrap, a nice note and you're done. How many people can you mark off your list without even leaving your home?

Chart Your Course

Now with your pared-down list in hand, take a look at all of the stores you need to go to. Figure out the most efficient route to get from store to store, and you're ready to shop! One last thing, try to end your shopping trip very close to your favorite restaurant. Call ahead to make a reservation and you'll have extra incentive for getting it all done!Shop!All that's left to do is hit the stores. Good luck!!

Create a gift wrapping station.

If you don't have a dedicated place for gift wrapping, create a portable wrapping station. Simply gather all your supplies into a handled box or bin.

Stock your wrapping station with:

Gift tags
Wrapping paper
Gift bags
Tissue paper
Gift boxes
Ribbon and bows
Pens and markers
Scissors - dedicate a pair for your gift wrapping station to eliminate the last minute hunt for scissors!
Tape (lots of it!) Buy more than you think you'll need and avoid last minute trips to the store!

Do you have out of town friends and relatives? If so, stock up on your mailing supplies now, too.

Shipping boxes
Shipping tape
Mailing labels
Packing peanuts or newspaper
Now gift wrapping will be a breeze!

Aby Garvey is a professional organizer and the owner of simplify 101, inc. Her mission is to help you create time and space for what matters most in your home and life. Aby is the author of the e-book "the happy scrapper - simple solutions to get organized and get scrapping!"

Thursday, November 22, 2007

I made this all-blue card for a challenge. Can you guess who it's for? The only other colour we were allowed was white. Fun to do up! SUPPLIES:

CS: Bazzill- Blue Denim
Flowers: Jolee's Boutique (TY Heather R.)
Satin Ribbon: Charmin'
Transparency: Hambly Screen Prints "Scrapbooker's Sonata"**
Pen: Zig Millenium "True Blue" o.5mm
MM Ribbon Glue

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


The first card (below) was accepted into the BasicGrey Gallery on November 19th.
Inside, it says: "A wonderful mother."


Olive rick rack: Atl Fabrics- notions dept
Lettering: BasicGrey Nanoset Alphabet Stickers/REC-877**
pp: BasicGrey Recess Collection- Elementary/REC-868**
Brads: American Traditional Designs
Flowers small/large: Primas**
Ink: Memories Dye ink- black
Inner greeting (not shown)- Black American Crafts Slick Writer**

The above card was accepted into the BasicGrey Gallery on November 27, 2007.
For my sister Mary, who LOVES & collects elephants, and who just moved away.

(** avail from SBCH)


Envelope from my friend Sonya: TY! I embellished it to` match card.

CS: Bazzill, scrapPP: BasicGrey Oh! Baby Girl Collection OBG-436 Mary** (WOW-the paper is named after my sister who luvs elephants!! LOL)

Lettering~BasicGrey Oh! Baby Girl Collection OBG-451**

Brad: Queen and Co. "Flower Power Bold"**

Ink: StampCraft Violet Dye ink (TY Mom!)

Inner Greeting (not shown) done with Pen Touch 1.0mm white marker

Oma Agnes in 2006

This is Peter's Grandma (Oma) in June 2006 (last year) on her 89th birthday!
Portrait by Douglas MacDonald. *(THANKS!)*
[**= from SBCH]
Cardstock: Bazzill, Lakeshore **
Lettering: Bazzill LilyKate Letters: LIK 569
Buttons: All from Frenchy's Button Bin, Wilmot, NS
Vintage embroidered flowers and leaves trimmed from 'Context' brand skirt~ layered.
Tools: Iron, MM Ribbon Glue,** Unique Shears
(Page was created on Nov 19, 2007)

Zany Girl

The above is a close-up shot of the stitching. I love sewing on paper! Thanks for looking!
Journaling reads:


Sometimes you act so crazy it’s like you’re on a sugar high! Those times, I KNOW you got your zany sense of fun and craziness from my side of the family. The Griersons are known for their laughing fits and the craziness that erupts when we get together. I know you got that silly gift from me! The day I took these pictures, my intent was to get a cute shot of you in those Pooh pyjamas. You hammed it right up and it turned into a lot of fun! Zany girl!

Kate Lillian~ Spring 2006

(**= from SBCH)

CS from BasicGrey Recess Collection**:
Principal REC-867**
Detention REC-869**
Equation REC-871**
Bazzill: Yam**
Chipboard: Heidi Swapp Chipboard Alphabet “She” white [63703]
Large Metallic Brads: Make it Special (Dollarama)
Buttons: Frenchy’s Button Bin; Wilmot, NS
Font: JanieHMK bold (Hallmark CD)
Inks: Ink it up!~ Khaki Green #1027-14,
Brown ink (from A-t-B Antiquing Tool)
Paint: Orient # ZD 200-049 Bright Yellow; ZD 200-22 Bright red [approx 2:1 ratio]
Thread: Coats(Koban) #3452-5934

Around the Block~ Antiquing Tool**
Mini Glue Dots**
Sewing Machine~ White
Corner Rounder~ CM
Scallop template: Border Buddy (unsure)
Sandpaper~ Garnet 150 grit

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sheena, '06

This is Sheena, who meant so much to us.

This Layout's design was "scraplifted" from my friend Heather R.'s recent family layout of Christmas 2006 on the Scrapbooker's Clubhouse [SBCH] site.

Sheena '06

(**= from Scrapbooker's Clubhouse)

Cardstock: Bazzill Plumberry **
Patt. papers: BasicGrey LilyKate; LIK-564 Parasol, LIK-567 Wisteria; LIK-566 Mia (All**)
Lettering: Basic Grey Fusion; FUS-261 “Fusion Letters” (Thank you Pam!)
(Lettering weas inked w/ black prior to adhering. )
Rub-ons: Black Paisley Border, Wholy Cow! bel-581
Ink: Memories- dye ink, Black; Stampcraft- dye ink, Violet. (Thank you Mom and Dad!)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Look what I found in the Bathtub!

(Daniel, age 6, December 2006)
This LO was given the honour of "Kudos of the Day" over at Scrapbookers Clubhouse (SBCH)! What a treat!

Thanks for looking and letting me know what you think of this. It's STRAIGHT in real life. For some reason the pic makes the rick rack a little tilted on the right.
This was a blast to make. I started it last weekend and finished it today once I FOUND my office (renovations'll do that to ya!!)
Daniel had one of those alligators that grow when you place it in water. After a few days, the gator was HUGE! Funny!! I love this photo of Daniel and his tubbi-gator.

**= from SBCH
PP: Scenic Route Paper Co.~ Striped, plaid, dotted (large and small). All**
Froggie was cut from BasicGrey~ Skateshoppe
All buttons: Frenchy's Button Bin
"Rick Rack Braid"- [vintage] Wrights
Lettering: BasicGrey~ LilyKate LIK-569 'LilyKate Letters'**
Ink: Ink it Up! (Darice) Khaki Green 1027-14
Font: SBC Courtney's Journal
Pale green CS: Fiskars Country Colours Collection
Chipboard arrows: Magistical Memories 'I went that way' by Susan Rodriguez; "SRI W"
Acrylic Paint: Orient~ ZD200-41 Hunter Green; ZD200-049 Bright Yellow, and FolkArt #467 Italian Sage, #923 Clover (mixture used for arrows)

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

What a hoot!

I am the featured scrapper at my favourite hang out, Scrapbooker's Clubhouse (SBCH) Blog, this week. What a hoot and a lotta fun! Come see... and be sure to check out the work of my wonderfully creative scrapbooking friends, too. Here's the link that'll take you there~

Thanks for checking it out! ((HUGZ)) to you all ~Ali

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Grin, Laugh

A 1976 photo of Pete @ age 12 1/2.
Portrait taken in Chatham, NB @ school.

**= from SBCH

PP: Crate Paper, "Seedling" N-120 New Garden Collection**
CS: Bazzill, Candlelight**
Journaling font: Arial
Tag: from Crate Paper Seaweed Collection #S105**
Numbers: BasicGrey BEL-083, "BasicElements black letter stickers"
Buttons: all from Frenchy's button bin
Mini GlueDots**

Journaling reads:

Peter, your smile here reminds me of part of the reason I love you so much: your sense of humour. It makes me realize how important it is to me to always be able to make you smile, make you laugh. Seems I do make you laugh a lot, and we laugh at the same things!

You grew into the man I love and cherish, my life’s partner and my soulmate- but you were once this young guy who looks SO MUCH like the 3 little boys we have in our house now!

I can hardly get my head around the fact that here, you are about 13 years of age, 5 years from the age you were when we first met. This photo reminds me how fast the years fly by, and how much I love the fun grin I see when I make you laugh. It’s still the very same grin!!

I love your grin. I love your laugh. I love YOU.

~ Ali

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Oma: Ninety! A Special Life

**= from SBCH
Pp: Moda for daisyd's No.4, #14604
Cardstock: Bazzill Chatterbox Light Chocolate** (sanded & inked)
Buttons: Frenchy's Button Bin
Ink: Ink it up! Khaki Green 1027-14 (used fingers, brush and rubbing paper edges through ink to antique items)
Circle: Magistical Memories Jumbo Nesting Circle SJNC** (painted and inked)
Leaves: Jolee's by You JJAB033A Lt Olive Branch (painted)
Title Lettering: BasicGrey Fusion letters (TY Pam!) FUS-261 (sanded)
"Special" & "Life" metal words at top of page under swirl: Unkn., from friend Sonya (TY!)
9 and 0: Scarlett's Letter Mini Monograms scr-814 (painted and inked)
Swirl: Stripped Chip Heart Doodles #2291 Li'l Davis Designs (painted and inked)

FolkArt Phthalo Blue #522
Orient Light Antique White ZD200-02
Orient Colonial Blue ZD200-31
Orient Burgundy ZD 200-23
#12 Flat brush

Pen: American Crafts SlickWriter- Black**
Around the Block Antiquing Tool- Brown Ink**
Sandpaper- Garnet 150 grit
Metal cutters- to remove button shanks (TY Peter!)
Mini Glue Dots* 3/16"**