Thursday, February 28, 2008

A fabulous quote:

"You are never given a dream without also being given the power to make it true. You may have to work for it, however."

~Richard Bach

...Does this get you thinking?


Featured Design Team Member...

Oakley, aka "Truly Scrumptious" last Spring, grazing in her paddock.

So exciting to be the featured designer over on the Scrapbooker's Club House Blog site. Not used to bein' in the spotlight, but hey, it's always fun to share!

A big "Thanks" to Noella Arsenault, our DT Admin and fellow designer @ SBCH for this spotlight post on the Blog.


Here's the link to that BLOG post...

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Daniel; Grade 1

Yahoo! Yet another fun and cheery layout made with the March 2008 Urban Daze Kit from Sonburn Designs.

This is Daniel in the Fall of 2006.

The background cardstock (grey and blue) is from Bazzill. Ribbon, brightly patterned papers, lettering all from the current kit.

The 2 circles were cut from some scraps.

Pen: Uniball Signo gel pen from the January SBCH kit.

The layout is based upon the February sketch by DT member Jennifer R. over at SBCH.

Here's that sketch link:

Thanks for looking!


Here's a card from me this AM. I made it with the awesome SBCH Urban Daze Kit, just to let you know i'm thinking of you! :) Can you tell I love to doodle?

Monday, February 25, 2008

A Special Layout...

This LO was created at the request of VAST (= Valley Autism Support Team") for their Book Of Memories.

There is a great deal of symbolism in this LO.

If you'd like to know what it all means, please read on!

TYF listening.

SYMBOLISM in "Puzzle Pieces" Layout:

1. First, the tilted journaling: things for the child and family are suddenly "off kilter" with the diagnosis of ASD. Dynamics change.

2. The puzzle pieces signify and represent the complex "puzzle" that is autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This is a nationally & internationally recognized symbol.

3. Some puzzle pieces are red. That signifies the blood, sweat and tears for families involved in trying to help these special children.

4. Puzzle pieces are 3 different shades of green. This symbolizes the fact that things are always changing in the life of the family, nothing is static. Green= growth, fluidity & change for the child, family and autism community of families (including extended family members).

5. The green puzzle pieces also symbolize the learning that takes place for special needs children when new approaches are researched and then applied.

6. The bright flowers used here and there represent POTENTIAL: the potential of the children first, then of the research being done on ASD. The flowers also represent potential contributions that will be made to our society by our special children.

7. The checkered ribbon on the lower left imitates the look of the checkered fabric in a race-car track's starting flag. This represents the race against time many families face when they learn that the specified "window" for Early Intervention is really only "open" until age 6 (under review.)

8. The word "GO!" signifies the search families face for finding help for their child. The words, printed alongside the checkered ribbon are: ABA (Appied Behavioural Analysis), Naturopathy, OT (Occupational Therapy), SLP (Speech Language Pathology), and EIBI (Early Intensive Behavioural Intervention). There are MANY MORE I didn't have room to list others like CranioSacral therapy, Osteopathic treatment, massage therapy, dietary interventions, music therapy, and 1:1 floor time.

9. The patterned paper that looks like a tapestry (it's from Daisy d's) signifies the multitude of interwoven factors that play a role in the challenges that the child and family face every day. Every aspect impacts upon another in some way.

10. Paper Clip- Signifies how some families are barely holding it together, through the challenges they face.

11. The red colour of the paper clip signifies LOVE- which is the glue that is helping the families hold it together.

12. The paper clip itself, holding the word discover close to the edge of the "tapestry" signifies what the family learns about itself in terms of strengths, hopes, and capabilities.

13. The light orange paper used as a background is covered in many layered circles. This signifies the vitality of the local Autism support community, and the fact that many personalities are involved: "it takes all kinds," as they say...

14. The white dots that I added to the circles on the background paper serve to signify the strength we, as parents, have when we pull together to help our children.
Poem on this page reads:
For a Child
Your friends shall be the Tall Wind
The River and the Tree,
The Sun that laughs and marches
The swallows and the Sea
Your prayers shall be the murmur
of grasses in the rain;
The song of wildwood thrushes
That makes God glad again.
And you shall run and wander,
And you shall dream and sing
Of brave things and bright things
Beyond the swallow’s wings.
And you shall envy no man
Nor hurt your heart with sighs
For I will keep you simple,
That God may make you wise.
~Fannie Sterns Davis
Journaling reads:
Puzzle pieces
Complex & puzzling- that’s autism spectrum disorder.
You are a child with ASD. We are always working on improving our understanding of the complex being that you are.
Your puzzle is unique, & lovingly putting it together is our challenge as your family. We are always trying to figure things out, determine what “the formula” is, (if there is one); what makes you feel overwhelmed, what makes you tick, what makes you feel uncertain, WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPIEST!!
Your puzzle is a complex one. We’re up to the challenge; we have to be.
You need us to be; so we are.
Journaling~ Feb 2008
Photo by Tammy Pyette~ 2006

Dedicated to Noah Adam Scott, our precious fourth child

Friday, February 22, 2008

Gorgeous Fab New Kit from SBCH!!

February 22 already!


Time to reveal the newest Kit from Scrapbooker's Club House. YAY!
Such an honour and a pleasure to be designing for this premiere Canadian scrapbooking company, owned by "Da Boss Lady..." our fabulous Nicole Drewniak. Let me tell you, Nicole provides the BEST customer service EVER. (I have been there almost a year, and we have **NO** SB store here, so I oughtta know! LOL)

The fantastic, fun March 2008 Scrapbooker's Club House kit is aptly called "Urban School Daze" by Sonburn. It is such a versatile & amazing kit... I have been working with it, and really feel it is a must-have! You can preorder "Urban School Daze" it here:

These are some of my current Design Team creations made from this kit! Luv to share...

My Urban Daze Kit Projects so far:

1. (Above) Stunner Layout~ A page I created of my daughter Kate Lillian, who snapped this photo of herself! This Layout received Kudos of the Day at SBCH on February 21st! Here's the link...

CS: Bazzill “Brocade”
Striped patt paper: Stripe Bomb #16446 : Urban Daze Floral and pale blue/green dotted pp’s: all SBCH March 2008 Kit: Urban Daze
Yellow dotted ribbon: Sonrise (Mar 2008 SBCH Kit: Urban Daze)
Purple paper: unknown
Giant purple flower: Prima Big Box Blooms
Title lettering: Heidi Swapp 'She,' white Buttons: Frenchy’s vintage button bin- Wilmot, NS
Ink: Ink it up! Black White Uniball Signo Gel Pen (January 2008 SBCH Kit)
Glue Dots
MM Ribbon Glue

2. Hugs and Kisses Card~ Orange and lime green floral paper, striped ribbon, fun floral paper, all by Sonburn, from "Urban Daze" kit. Scalloped striped patterned paper strip with ATB ink and Border Buddy template, cut by hand.

3. One Cool Kid Layout (above)~ Based on a Sketch by Noella Arsenault. TY Noella!

4."Daniel" Altered Index Cards mini-album title page: The beautiful sunshiny yellow paper & several types of the ribbon here are from the SBCH Urban Daze kit. The kit contents were used throughout this album.I can't show you all of it 'cause it'd ruin someone's surprise! **wink**

5. Ocean (Bozo Dog) Layout (above)~ can you believe the kit is this versatile?? I used it for a CHRISTMAS/Pet layout!! Black SlickWriter used for doodling. White sewing machine. PS~ Ocean also sleeps with his tongue hanging out like this! OHMY!!!!!!

6. Altered notebook: "Tidbits"~ Circle patterned ribbon and yellow paper on left, title plus striped paper are all from the "Urban Daze" March SBCH kit. Awesome, eh??

Lettering & ribbon is available here, in the embellie kit: Circular card: white portion is a Journaling Jotter from Luxe designs (from SBCH March 2008 embellie Kit,) available here:, fun flowers cut from patterned paper by Sonburn, the word "remember" is a rub-on from Dee's Distressed Designs.
The black pen used for doodles around red rim of this card is an American Crafts SlickWriter, which come in 5 colours. I **highly recommend** these pens. They're available here:
8. "Light" layout~ Using the "Urban Daze" kit from SBCH, I created this layout of Noah Adam Scott. It is based on a sketch by “moma.”


Ribbon-striped: Sonrise (Mar 2008 SBCH Kit: Urban Daze)
Rickrack- yellow: Atlantic Fabrics
Rickrack- Jean jacket blue; AMM Expressions
Buttons: Frenchy’s, Wilmot, NS
Glue dots
MM ribbon Glue

White sewing machine for zig zag; scraps of thread (TY Mom)
Title Lettering: from Urban Daze embellie set as above
Photos (2006) by Tammy Pyette of Enchanted Portraits.
My journaling reads:

The word itself is evocative.

Light is your beautiful smile

Your giggle, your glowing face,

The way you experience every moment.

You are LIGHT… radiance

The light of my life.

An aurora~ a beam of light in my heart

Sunshine chasing the clouds.

The “special” part of you is light.

Such a blessing.



Journaling~ February 2008

Sunday, February 17, 2008

A sketch challenge

Nicole Drewniak posted a Sketch Challenge over at Scrapbooker's Club House. (Link follows.)
This was the hug I got from my "baby" when I arrived home after an overnight Autism conference in Halifax. It was the first time Sarge and I had EVER been away overnight since Noah was born in april 2002! I missed my kids terribly but they kept us occupied brain-wise at the conference. My heart was home with my kids all the same!
Patt Paper: Urban Couture~ Mila URB-368 (SBCH)
CS: Bazzill Sweetheart and Brocade (SBCH)
Kraft CS (SBCH)
Title Letters: Motifica MOT-081 (SBCH)
Flair CS "Take a number" stickers CS085
Tools: Antiquing tool (brown): Around the Block (SBCH)
Scallops: Border Buddy Template, then handcut
Pen~ Black: fine, American Crafts Slickwriter.

A Sketch Site that I like...

This is an awesome source of inspiraton. Enjoy!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Teeny-Bopper Gift!

Guess what? Too fun: this project received Kudos of the Day over at SBCH on Feb 9th LOL!

Here's the little story...
Kate had a party to go to Thurs night. Kind of a last minute birthday surprise for her friend... (our kids had no school on Friday.) OK... so anyway, Kate wanted to give her friend a gift of money as her friend ADORES shopping (LOL) and doesn't babysit much to earn any money of her own.

Sounded fine to us; good idea. Kate went looking in the drawer for a card.

I asked her if she'd like me to make her friend a card (this is 2 hrs prior to the big event... 1 hr pre- riding lesson...)

To my surprise she said "yes!" LOL I asked what her friend liked as far as colours... she said GREEN!!
Anyway, she also apparently liked "polka dots" and "funky stuff," according to Kate.

So, after I drove Kate and Daniel to the barn for the little guy's lesson (K. helps him get Oakley ready,) I started working on the card. Here is how it turned out. (Katie did the green envie.)

I also got thinking, and made a little container to put the folded-up money gift in, too! LOL!! Nicole can use it on her dresser later if she likes, for little trinkets or earrings or whatever...

To make that, I altered the previously washed-out & saved Zithromax container from one of my boys' antibiotic medication; mod-podged it and everything, before 7 PM!

GUESS what!!!!? Kate just LOVED it when I showed her! Cute and silly. So did her friend!

Honest to goodness, I am having too much fun! ;O)

Thanks for looking/reading!

Friday, February 8, 2008

A Challenge for YOU!!!

Yup, you! I was asked to issue the Altered Item Challenge at Scrapbooker's Club House this month.

Here's the challenge!!

I challenge you to ALTER INDEX CARDS. These can be 3x5" index card size or the larger, 4x6" index card size. They can be lined or unlined (ruled or unruled). It doesn't matter; you'll be altering the cards and no lines will be visible anyway! LOL

Alter the cards into something meaningful, useful and/or that can be given as a gift. Pretty much anything goes. I read about one gal who made the cards into a little album commemorating her wt loss journey. The "pages" were connected with a metal ring.

That said: it does ***not*** have to be an "ALBUM" as such.

As a little food for thought...You might like to think about ANY or ALL of the following as idea-flow starters in deciding what YOUR Altered Index Card Challenge Project will be:
1. Valentine's Day is coming FAST
2. It is now garden-planning time for many people
3. Grandparents, aunties and Uncles usually LIKE to brag
4. Mother's Day and Father's Day are JUST around the corner, REALLY!
5. Recipes are fun things to share
6. Do you have an upcoming big decor or landscaping project you need to outline or make plans for?
7. Is a major life change begging to be scrapped?
8. Do you have a few favourite kid-stories to share?
9. Do you need a little sign to put up on your wall? (LOL) etc....

Go with whatever strikes your fancy.
How many cards? No upper or lower limit! ie: It can be one card or a whole package that you alter.
One tip: the cards are easier and more sturdy to work with if you glue-stick 2 cards together before altering.
Go go go!! Make me proud!!!
HAVE FUN with your alter-ations!

I'm giving away a $5.00 SBCH Gift certificate @ month's end~ so be sure to get over there and participate, gals!!

HERE is ONE EXAMPLE OF AN ALTERED INDEX CARDS PROJECT: I did it at an SBCH crop. It was in response to a challenge posted by Heather R. It's on my little fellas' bedroom door and says: "Welcome to the Zoo!"

Here is a Mini-Album in progress!!
I did the first 4 pages to show you my altered index card challenge creation!
This is going to be a Grandma/Oma gift for Mother's Day 2008.
I'm doing all the kids' school pix this way. Each Grandma/Oma will get 4 albums, one for Kate, Bryan, Daniel and Noah! You go to my SBCH Gallery & look at ALL the pages I've finished thus far, if you like!

Enjoy... WHAT will YOU do? I can't wait to see your creations!

Monday, February 4, 2008

New hair style!!

I am so excited! Pete and I did my highlights on the weekend (Thanks Pete) and today, my friend and hairstylist Sheri gave me a new 'do! I LOVE it! Let me know what you think! Thanks Sheri!! You are amazing! (Apparently this is called an inverted bob.) TY again Sheri!!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

YUM!! A Foodie Blog!

This is the new foodie blog from Nicole Drewniak, "Da Boss Lady" over at Scrapbooker's Club House. Awesome tarragon chicken recipe there right now... Yummmmmy! :)

Friday, February 1, 2008

"Only the sandals are left"

"Only the sandals are left"

Done for Noella's Crop Challenge @ SBCH
Font: Arial
CS: Bazzill- Gulf
3 Bugs in a Rug Chalk Garden Collection striped/medallion pp
Chit chat (Discover and learn)
Stickers: 3 Bugs in a Rug Chalk Garden
Clock: Heidi Swapp
Swirly yellow pp: Accord Publishing SB'ing Calendar 2007
(TY Sherry) Blue Ribbon & Rickrack : AMM Expressions~ Jean jacket blue
(TY Mom) Sunflower Ribbon (wide): unknown
Yellow Rickrack: Atlantic Fabrics
2007 stickers: Flair designs "Take a Number" (from Jan SBCH kit)
Yellow brad: unknown
Heart brad (in centre of clock) Time 4 Crafts
Clock hands: cut freehand from dark coloured Debbie Mumm letter stickers
Black dye ink: Ink it up!
Pen~ Uniball Signo: white
Border Buddy Template: scallops (cut freehand)
Provocraft Silent Setter

Journaling reads:

Only the sandals are left.

My baby, my last one. My special child, the one I worry about most. The one who brings me such joy; excitement in every accomplishment and milestone. They don’t come easily.

You went to school today, Noah. First day, first time. Smiling, excited about “Big School.” You even called it “Noah’s school” once or twice!!

First time in almost 14 years that I have no little people at home with me. All four kids are in school now.

It feels so weird. I go around the house, looking at things, putting away toys, doing laundry, all the million things that Mommies do. My desk is piled with writing, an open Daytimer, work and ideas. It calls to me. I ignore it and take one more tour around the house, finally stopping in the room you share with Daniel.

There are books and toys on the floor, but I leave them. They seem comforting. The shelves look empty ‘cause your sneakers are on your feet, your favourite hat on your head. You went off to school like a big boy. My special child.

Only the sandals are left. Left behind as summer days have been left behind, as being a preschooler has been left behind.

Only your sandals.

I am so proud of you, Noah!

Love, Mom

The joy of teaching... yes, SB'ing gives me THAT too!

Part of the fun of being a "scrapbooker" (LIFE ARTIST) is sharing. Sometimes that sharing takes the form of teaching. I LOVE to teach! In Dec. 2007 and Jan. 2008 I taught two online scrapbooking classes at Scrapbooker's Club House.

They're free of course! :o) Everyone is welcome at anytime, that's the beauty of ONLINE stuff!

Please check them out when you have the time... ;o) Each includes lots of demo photos and written instructions that are very simple.

Into recycling?? Well, here is a link to a fun little class on making Monogrammed Magnets:

Here is another class on how to make a Mini-Flip Album. Perfect gift idea for Valentine's day or Mother's day...hmmmm... I gave my Mom one for Christmas!

HAVE FUN and be sure to send me pics of your creations!

A Snow Day: April 2007

April 2007- Easter Weekend
27 cm snow: A big Nor'Easter!

This LO is based on a sketch by Noella Arsenault
Red CS: Pomegranate
White CS: Pioneer page insert, scrap
Charcoal Grey CS: Fiskars~ Country Colours pack
Striped pp~ 3 Bugs in a Rug: Vintage Holiday: Vintage Stripe vin-432
Snowflake pp~ 3 Bugs in a Rug: Vintage Holiday: Flakes vin-430
Dotted pp~ Oh Baby! Boy OBB-467 Nathan
Title lettering~ Basic Grey FRU-612 Fruitcake Letters
Tag: Vintage Holiday Die Cut Tags vin-448
Green satin ribbon: Atl Fabrics
Bling: Darice
Snowflake: from Christmas cgarland
Painted with MM Scrapbook Colors Specialty Glaze & silver glitter applied on top.
Glue Dots <<>

A New Layout!


These are our tiger liliies and garden lillies. They're in our front garden.

<<= from Scrapbooker's Club House Store Patterned Paper: Dream Street Papers Tea for Two Passion Fruit Item # TEA-300<< "Lillies" These are our tiger liliies and garden lillies. They're in our front garden. SUPPLIES: <<= from Scrapbooker's Club House Store Patterned Paper: Dream Street Papers Tea for Two Passion Fruit Item # TEA-300<< Largwe flower: Prima<< Smaller daisy petals: Heidi Sawapp "Florals- Orange" Item#HS63546<< Tiny flower centre: "Got Flowers?" Prima#505349 All buttons from Altlantic Fabrics and Frenchy's Wilmot NS Journaling blocks: 7Gypsies stamp<< Rickrack Atlantic fabrics Brown grosgrain ribbon: TY Pam! Tools: American Crafts Slickwriter: black, fine.<< Glue Dots<< Sandpaper 150 grit Around the block Antiquing tool: brown<< Fiskars Heritage corner shaper MM Ribbon Glue<< Please note re~ flower's centre: Bazzill chipboard circle decorated with "green dots" paper<<