Saturday, January 31, 2009

2 MORE cards!

These 2 cards were inspired by a Sketch Jan 31 2009 by Deanne Burton on the Sisterhood of Scrap Challenge Blog right here: Thanks Deanne!
Thanks for looking~

2 similar Valentine's Day Cards inspired by 2 Sketches!

Here are two Valentine's Day cards inspired by a "grid" sketch, on Deanne's Just my Sketches Blog. Thanks for the great sketch inspiration!
Additionally, a sketch created by Nicole Drewniak on World Card Making Day 2008 here also inspired these cards.
These were both done with scraps! One of my goals this year was to use up as many as I can. On my way!

Friday, January 30, 2009

An Announcement at Creatively Yours tomorrow!!

Hi Everyone!!

Not sure what time this will take place, but just wanted to let you all know!!
Have a great evening gals!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Layout and 2 Valentine's Day Cards

1. A new layout
2. Valentine's Day Card
3. Another V. Day Card
The LO that is posted above is one I did for a Challenge at Sisterhood of Scrap, on the Monday Jan 26th Challenge.
The Challenge was to use 4 patterned papers from the SAME company!
The 4 patterned papers I used were Daisy d'.s

They were:
1. Let it Snow- #17306 Moda for Daisy d.'s
2. Snowflake blue- #17310 Moda for Daisy d.'s
3. #20 14620- Daisy d.'s (portion with name not avail. since it was a scrap)
4. Blue Cherubs- Showoffs for Daisy d.'s
I just love this company and am so sad that they are "On Hold" right now. Goodness, with the economy the way it is, it's just no wonder. Apparently they are looking for a buyer. I hope they find one. I LOVE their papers.
Journaling reads:
10 things I LOVE about You, Noah:
1. Your cute smile
2. The giggle that bubbles up from your toes
3. You smell so nice: like baby powder
4. You like hugs & kisses (sometimes!)
5. Your dark brown eyes ~ so expressive
6. Your sense of humour
7. You’re a good sleeper and always have been
8. You adore the swing, & I love to push you!
9. Your dimples & the cleft in your chin
10. The way a “tubbie” makes you happy
My first two 2009 Valentine's Day Cards:

I promised myself I would make 1 Valentine card every night until I have created the 13 or 14 that I need for family as well as our supportive Elementary School "family." Above are the first two! I am particularly proud of these as they are a bit non-traditional as far as colours go! LOL

These cards were created using a sketch by Deanne Burton. She drew the card sketch for "Creative Scrappers" where she is a sketch artist, but I found it here, on her oh-so-fun and inspiring Sketch Blog.
I think I'll be making a lot of cards using this sketch! It's been great as a way to use up pretty *but smallish* scraps of patt paper. [Good green practices, right? LOL]
One thing essential for me in creating this card was the Creative Memories Square Punch. I used the 1.25" punch. Thanks to my sister Mary G. in Riverview for the gift of this tool a few years back. I use it a LOT! I cannot cut out a proper square to save my life so this tool HAS saved my life, well, scrappily-speaking!
The squares with the diamond pattern on the first card are Daisy d.'s and the paler yellow squares are Fiskars. The strip at the bottom of the card is a scrap of Chatterbox.
The buttons are from Frenchy's!
The next card boasts a fun piece of purple paisley paper by Cactus Pink.
I love their funky "Decades" collection and have some of it- it's from awhile back! The strip at the bottom is also from Cactus Pink. More Frenchy's buttons too.
Thanks for looking!
We are having a snow-day; with extremely icy and dangerous road conditions! No school. Fun day for me! I love having my kids ALL home with me. (Even though I feel Like I am running a RESTAURANT! LOL)
Hope your day is going well too!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Noella is having a giveaway!

My friend and scrappin' colleague Noella is having an awesome giveaway on her blog!
Go check it out... and Good Luck!

Hope everyone is having a Happy Day~it's super cold here! :o)

Monday, January 26, 2009

New Blinkie!

Look to the left! See that beautiful new turquoise CY Blinkie?

A huge thank you to CY Guest Designer Vivi Rahman for creating this for us. Isn't it gorgeous?

All our Creatively Yours (CY) designers will have it for use on their blogs, etc...


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lime and Black: Noah, winter '06-'07

Another Fun Colour Scheme Challenge as suggested by Michelle over at SBCH! Enjoy!
And remember: "Love is to a child what sunshine is to flowers..." :)

This LO was based upon the January 2009 sketch created by Mary Chong at Scrapbooker's Club House.

Thanks Mary!

Have a super-happy Monday everyone!


Friday, January 23, 2009

Our baby is 4!

This is Noah on his 4th Birthday.
This is for the purple, red and yellow "Combo: #3" over at SBCH, a Challenge set by Designer Michelle Vekved.
Can you see that Noah enjoyed that donut??? God Love him! He rarely gets them as they are totally taboo on the Gluten Free regime.
When he was little he called them "Dogbuts." Isn't that adorable!?
And as you can imagine, we were thrilled b/c it was so "appropriate," and he was NAMING something spontaneously w/ NO PROMPTS...- you all know it has been a long haul as Noah was largely non-verbal when we had him diagnosed with ASD at 2yrs 7 mos... my RED FLAG....
ANYWAY: We giggle over the "dogbuts," still!
Hope you like the LO! TY for checking it out!
LO Based upon Sketch #71 by Valerie Salmon.
Thanks for looking!

4th Birthday: YUM!

This LO is based upon Sketch #71 by Valerie Salmon.

Pg 1 of 2: 4th Birthday Yum!

LO was done for Michelle's COLOUR THEORY CHALLENGE over at SBCH! We were to use RED, YELLOW and PURPLE on the LO and patt papers were allowed as long as their main colours FIT the CHALLENGE! This was SO much FUN!

Here we go:

Noah turns 4. April 23, 2006

Journaling explains how he ***LOVES donuts*** but hardly EVER gets them due to his special wheat free diet. This day was his REAL birthday. We had had a party the weekend before at my sister's place complete with Ice Cream cake from DQ. So this day, we celebrated with donuts!
He had a filled Boston Cream donut with candles!

Another page for the right side is coming but it was too dark to take the pic last night.

Paper: All Daisy D's.
CS: All Bazzill Basics.
Stamp: MM
Paint: Deco Art *purple*
Rub-ons: Let's Celebrate: Make it Special.
Rub-on Numbers: #25799 Making Memories.
Lettering: Basic Grey: Fusion, Oh Baby Girl, Scarlet's Letter.

Pen: AC Slickwriter: purple

Thanks for looking!

First Buzz Cut

This is Daniel in July 2006. See the cowlicks? Cute eh? Just like his Daddy had when he was a kid!
LO Based on a sketch by Sarah Slade, Nov 22, 2008 post on "Sisterhood of Scrap" Blog site. Link:
He asked to have his hair buzzed, so Daddy (Cndn Air Force) did it for him!

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Deanne's Questions, LOL!

Deanne over at Sisterhood of Scrap had some fun questions for a RAK game! Here are the questions she asked... plus my answers in red!

1. What color are your socks you have on now? Grey
2. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? Oma and Opa (Peter's parents)
3. What did you have for lunch today? Was scrappin' and I forgot! LOL
4. Name someone you admire. Noah's main Educational Ass't, Sandy L.
5. How many cars have you owned? OHMY.... Seven. Only 1 was new. We are a 2-vehicle family now. My 1984 Pontiac-6000 died with 375,000 Km on it in 2001! We have a Venture Van (LOL the extended one - 4 kids, 2 dogs) plus my Pontiac Grand Am.
6. How many homes have you lived in? Seven. 2 were Military rentals.
7. Are you left-handed or right-handed? Right.
8. Do you wear shoes around the house? No: I am usually barefoot!
9. What was the last thing you took a photo of? A LO to show the SBCH gals and Sisterhood of Scrap gals.
10. Do you like hot chocolate? YES! But I like coffee better...

Fun!! Check it out!

PS: Tomorrow is FRIDAY! YAY!!!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This Ain't the Hokey-Pokey!

This LO was completed for a "Book of Me" Challenge set by January Guest Designer Deanne Burton over at Scrapbooker's Club House.

Additionally, Design Team Member Michelle Vekved had posted a Colour Theory Challenge to have us make a LO with orange, light grey and navy!

(I even got my Sizzlets out for this one- used it to make the Architectural Designs photo corners.)

Journaling reads:

The Best Laugh Ever!

This ain’t the “Hokey-Pokey,” it’s the Kandoo-Dance!

There is absolutely NOTHING that makes me laugh
as hard or as long as I laugh when I see Daniel do
this dance.

It almost makes me split my sides, it’s such a hoot!

Thanks for giving me the “Best Laugh Ever,” Daniel!

Photos~ Fall 2007

Sketch Contest!!!

Time for a Sketch Contest on the Scrapbooker’s Club House Blog!

Blog Link:

How does it work?

You’ll have a chance to check out a sample layout created by our December Blog Sketch Contest winner, Deanne Burton, (link to her Blog: ) then interpret an original layout sketch by Trina Carbert, our SBCH Design Team Coordinator!

This contest will be posted on January 21 so be SURE to check the Blog tomorrow! The winner will have her work posted for all to admire and will provide an interpretation of a sketch for an upcoming Blog Sketch Contest. It’s great exposure for talented scrapbook artists! Follow the rules/directions on the Blog, coming on Wednesday January 21 and enter your interpretation in the contest Gallery by January 31, midnight MST (The SBCH Gallery is here:

Mark your calendar for this one!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Noah's Jungle

FINALLY managed get these pix of Noah's bedroom scrapped. So happy about it!
I made quite a few fun li'l craft projects for his redecorated bedroom and got them on this page. It was fun to do!

The animals peeking out from the leaves are trimmed from a pic I took of his wallpaper border. LOL!

I wanted a border with animals from the African continent that didn't look "scary."

Noah loves his room. You can see part of it in the pics.

Oh, and I made the curtains & tiebacks from a huge livingroom set I bought at Frenchy's for $3.50, cut and sewed to fit the window properly. They have a woodgrain look and are all lined. Perfect for a "jungle!"

We 're very plsd with Noah's room. Thanks for looking!

Sleep... dream

Journaling reads:
Daniel, your Daddy couldn’t resist snapping this photo of you all curled up with your little brother, both of you in dreamland. Noah was asleep on his tummy and you on your back.
We found you that way when we checked on you before we went to bed for the night.
You told us in the morning that you had crawled onto the bottom bunk with Noah because you
thought he might be lonely!”
(We thought it was so cute!)
Photo of Daniel and Noah ~January 2007

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Kate and Oakley: one of her Grade 8 Grad pictures, June 2008
Photo Credit: Kristie Innes

His Plan

His Plan
Noah, I've often said to your Daddy that you're one of the most beautiful children I've ever seen... He agrees. With your perfect skin, big brown eyes & the cute cleft in your chin, God made you VERY beautiful.
The laugh that bubbles up from your toes reminds me that your soul is very beautiful, too.
God made you beautiful because He knew it would make being "different" and "special" easier~ People respond in a positive way to you- just who you are.
Thank God for His plan.
Journaling Jan 2009
Pics: Noah Adam Scott~ Jan 2007
EDITED to add:
Much to my delight, this LO received Kudos of the Day over at Scrapbooker's Club House on January 19th! Come see! Click on the blue lettering...

Overview of 2008

A year in review... Enjoy!
The journaling is just point form statements like "Bryan attained High Honours in grade 6..." or "Kate and Oakley took a 1st place in working hunter-jumper at the Valley Ex..." "Daniel orders his books online from the library all on his own..." or "Noah's speech took a big leap" etc...

My Brother and I Play!

This LO was completed using BasicGrey's Oh Baby! (Boy) papers. I LOVE it! Thanks for looking and reading.
Journaling reads:
Daniel, you just looked at these photos, and said you remembered playing with this toy alongside Noah. I asked, but you couldn’t recall the word you guys were spelling. J
These pictures remind me that sometimes understanding Noah’s battle through Autism Spectrum Disorder is very hard for you. You once looked me in the eyes and said “Mommy, when is Noah going to grow up and be a kid?” Well, I was bowled over. If that didn’t explain ASD thru the eyes of a child, I don’t know what could.
You wanted Noah to be able to talk easily and play with you… to “grow up and be a kid.”
We are always working toward that, but the pathway that Noah takes will be different from the one you took as you learned. Daddy and I always make sure to tell you that Noah is just learning, and that it takes him longer because his brain is wired differently from other peoples’ brains.
You seem to accept this and I know you love your little brother. I wish he could tell you he loves you too. I know he does.

Love, Mommy

Photos~ January 2007
Journaling~ January 2009

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Journaling Junkie...

Yeah, I LOVE being a junkie about journaling. **grin**
I was honoured to be able to set a Challenge at JJ this month! Here you go, c'mon over and check it out!
Enjoy- it's a fun place to gain inspiration...
ABOVE is the layout Stefanie Semple posted for me over at the JJ blog. If you go over to JJ, following the link above, you can read the journaling!

Friends: Kelly and Daniel

That background p paper is called "East of the Sun-" (Perhaps Collection) by BasicGrey.
Striped pp is one from BasicGrey's Obscure line. (Love that pc of paper! YUMMY!)
Black Lettering is Scenic Route and AC Thickers.
Quote from Cogsmo Collection by Cosmo Cricket.
Big wire-floral brads are Karen Foster.
All listed items came from SBCH store.
Orange flowers made from a silk scarf ( w/ podge and chipboard)

A Special Day of Water Play

Kelly was one of Noah’s Pivotal Response Treatment therapists in the NS EIBI Pilot Program. You adored her, Daniel. She always had a kind word for you and was endlessly patient with your intense little self!

I loved seeing you together. On this day, Shawna had come along to work with Noah, so Kelly spent some special time interacting with you. I took some adorable pictures and this was one of them.
You were all playing with the water table out on the deck. It was a very hot day and there were a lot of giggles and splashing!
I will always be thankful to Kelly for the work she did with Noah, but I am also grateful that she took the time to be kind to you.
Photos: June 2007
Journaling: January 2009

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A favourite photo now scrapped...

I love this June 2006 picture of Kate and Daniel. Kate was ready to go to her Grade 6 semi-formal and Daniel joined her in the front yard to ham it up in his too-small jammies! Too cute!
Patterned papers are by BasicGrey, from the gorgeous LilyKate collection: "Twinkle;" and also Shabby Princess' "dotted blue."

This is a favourite photo of mine! I used Noella's Sketch #18 as a guide. Thanks Noella!

Space Guy!

Hi everyone! I got this one done this afternoon. I love it! It's based on Sketch #15 by Noella at CY. I have had these pix of Daniel and his age 6 space craze on my desk "hotspot" for MONTHS. I am so glad they're scrapped now!

TY to my SBCH scrappin' friend Elisha for the awesome "Secret Santa" Doodlebug white letters! LOVE them!
Patterned paper is by 3 Bugs in a Rug: the "Chalk Garden" Collection.
Chipboard sticker: Chit Chat Chalk Garden by 3 Bugs
Foam brackets: Dollar Store's Make it Special.
Font: Century Gothic (bold)
Pen by American Crafts~ Slickwriter: black

Journaling reads:

Spring 2006~ Daniel went through a phase of sheer fascination by space, planets and stars. He could recite the facts about many planets, how many moons they had, the names of those moons, whether the planet was made of rock or gas, when it was discovered, etc… He often drew bright and colourful galaxies and solar systems. It was incredible to see the accuracy and the rapidity with which he could sketch out his space-creations. One day I went into the living room and was astounded to see that he had created a solar system out of his train tracks and a foam planet set~ I was blown away! Way to go Daniel!!

Snowy Ginger House 2006

This is a fun layout I did of the Gingerbread House that Peter made with the kids. It's based on a sketch by Noella at Creatively Yours (see link).
It's Sketch #36 turned 1/4 turn to the left.
The title "Snowy" is chipboard embellished with Stickles.
The "Ginger House" portion is BasicGrey lettering.
Patt Paper: BasicGrey's Dasher Collection.
The chipboard embellies are 2 folk stars by Magistical Memoriees... also covered in Stickles.
I hope you like it! It's from Christmastime 2006. I have had these pics on my desk 4-5 months at LEAST, wanting to scrap them and not having a CLUE. TY Deanne over at SBCH for the Challenge.
This is kind of a funny story: See the thin brown "slice" in Noah's hand as he is sitting under the as-yet-undecorated Christmas tree? And you ALL know he is on a wheat/flour free diet, right? He rarely gets foods with wheat in them as they affect his focus. (He is not allergic though.) Well... here's what the green tag says.
Journaling reads: "December 2006~ Noah took off with the chimney to the gingerbread house we were making! Then, he ATE it! SO FUNNY! :o)"
(When we refer to this incident, we still all laugh and call it "the time Noah absconded with the chimney!" LOL! He is SO CUTE!)

A Wedding Invitation Layout

Here is a layout I did of my sister Alex's Wedding Invitation and one of the photos she gave me of her big day.
The BasicGrey Romani Collection was used to create this page.
Cutwork done w/ Cutterbee scissors

Hope you like it, Alex and Cody!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My first published sketch...

is featured over at Creatively Yours: Sketches by Noella. Have a peek! Just click on the underlined teal coloured words. It was such an honour to be asked to do this! Thank You Noella!

I was bowled over by the design interpretations the gals created using my sketch. A hearty THANK YOU to talented scrapbook page artists Ann Seleshanko and Beverley Todd.

We will miss your wonderful talent Beverley, we know you're watching from Heaven and probably creating too.

While you're at it, have a peek here at the Scrapbooker's Club House homepage. Two of my projects; my "Precious" kitten layout and a "Celebrate" card are there along with the beautiful work by the other SBCH Design Team members from last month: Nicole, Trina, Elisha, Tammy, & Michelle. Such a privilege to work with them all!!

Oh, I also interviewed Elisha for a Spotlight as our SBCH Guest Design Team Member for December... Check it out! Her work is awesome!

The Canadian Scrapper's Blog Carnival has again travelled across Canada and has featured SBCH, CY and Lovingly Created as spots to visit, along with many more stops along the way with cardmakers and stampers, scrapbookers and papercraft lovin' gals! It's a wonderful time. That's the first issue of 2009. Be sure to pop by! TY to Jacqueline Hillier in NFLD for making this trip possible every week. It is TRULY very special as a tie helping to share ideas while binding us all together across this vast country of ours. You can send your Blog submissions to Jacqueline at: Feel free to contact her! Jac welcomes your submissions and invitations to visit your blog!

Have a wonderful day everyone! :o) ~Ali

Monday, January 5, 2009


Here’s your chance to share your creativity and inspiration with Scrapbooker's Club House Members & spend a month as a member of our talented Design Team!

Your contest challenge is to show us a snowy good time with a winter-themed layout. It must include at least 3 photos. To those who have no snow in winter, feel free to do your winter-themed layout including, for example, things you do in the winter, or tell & show us what your winter season is like. It might be refreshing for those of us who only get snow!

Please upload your entry to the February Guest DT Contest folder right here in the SBCH Gallery Please be sure to include your name. :o)

Our lucky lady's Design Team term will run from February 1 - 28th, 2009. She will post a challenge, questions of the day and Kudos for our members once weekly in Feb. She’ll also be able to include her SBCH DT term on her scrappy resume!

Deadline for entries: Sunday, January 25th, mightnight MST.
Can't WAIT to see your entries!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Couple More Cards!

These were also done with the "Prudence" January 2009 Kit from Scrapbooker's Club House! LOVE it!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Fave Foods, Sympathy Card, & Retro-style Tag

The layout above was created from my own stash. TY to my friend Shannon for the gorgeous red rick-rack and the red flowers.
Journaling reads~
Two favourites

Pete and I share two favourite recipes. One is for a main meal called “Curry Tofu Toss.” It’s hard to get people to believe how good it is when we tell them about it! The curry, peanut butter and fresh vegetables all blend so flavourfully, and the tofu obligingly takes on the flavours of everything else! It’s totally delectable, a recipe from Homemaker’s Magazine. Pete and I love to cook together, so when we have this for supper, we make it together after the kids go to bed!!

Our other favourite is called “Lemon-Lime Daiquiri Dessert.” It’s a very simple recipe from Kraft. When we went to make it the first time, there was no lime sherbet available~! (Can you imagine?) I substituted orange sherbet and the result was a cool confection to-die-for! We took it to a pool party at Mary and Gil’s and everyone LOVED it. So refreshing! It tasted like Creamsicles!

I’ve never served these two recipes together, but hey, a person can DREAM, right?
Journaling Dec 31-2008
The sympathy card and tag were created with the January 2009 "Prudence" Kit that I designed with in December over at SBCH.
The angel is my own Garden Angel. She is now inside for the winter. I took that picture on a foggy November morning.
The retro tag allowed me to use recycled packaging from the fab Prudence kit! So much extra value!

Glitter-y Trees (and a Holiday Shaker Box)

Click on the Shaker box or the page layout to see more detail! This was so much fun to make! :o) Elements of the "Prudence" kit from Scrapbooker's Club House were used in creating the "Glitter Trees" layout.

Journaling reads:

Christmas 2006

The Glitter Trees

Christmas this year was special because we decided to host an Open House on December 22. All of our friends, including their children, were invited. The kids asked if we could have a Christmas tree downstairs in the playroom that year. We immediately said YES because they were old enough, there was room downstairs and we had PLENTY of ornaments to go on 2 trees. That one became our country tree. It was about 6 .5 feet tall and all the kids at the Open House loved it. Upstairs, the tree was decorated all in metallics and really sparkled. It was an 8 foot tree! Pete says he thinks it was the biggest tree we’ve ever had.

I love both of these photos of the trees! They are so different and each is so pretty and glittery in the dark!

Photos: December 2006
Journaling: Decemer 2008