Friday, October 30, 2009

Used my Uhu Glue Roller: A review...

I was lucky to be in contact with UHU (Thanks to my good friend Deanne Burton) and received a free sample of their UHU Glue Roller to try out and review. I chose to try it out while creating some Christmas cards for a client.
Christmas card designed and made by "Yours Truly" using Uhu Glue Roller as the adhesive

I have NEVER had a glue roller (tape roller) that didn't gunk up, "stall" and get all clogged and stuck. I have tried pretty much every known brand including those from Scotch and Creative Memories. NO LUCK.

This is by far the best glue roller I have ever used and I unhesitatingly recommend it to anyone needing a good adhesive. Great stuff, acid free, and the dispenser is of an excellent function and design- it was sooo easy to use. I've used it on large and small areas with no problems, as you can see on these Christmas Cards:

I've been super busy with "The Perfect Card...." my card creating business over the past month. I've been making an amazing number of cards for my clients! So much fun! Above and below are some cards I designed & made. This product definitely sped up the gluing process for me! Time is valuable and this tool met the mark on that issue!

More Christmas cards:

Thanks for peeking and be sure to get that Uhu Glue Roller!

**I will be looking for it on the Uhu display at the store where I shop! **


Monday, October 26, 2009

Kate and her horse Grace

Some photos for you to enjoy: Kate (15) and Grace (7)... taken this past weekend....

Photo by Kim M.

I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did! Grace is a beautiful Thoroughbred/Hannevarian cross... great horse!

Friday, October 23, 2009

"Crooked Trees" Tags Tutorial: Using Scraps!

I just love the look of what I call "Crooked Tree Gift Tags!"
I make them solely from scraps!
Here is a fun and easy way to use up some scraps and help get ready for Christmas Gift wrapping time...
SCRAPPY TIP: Kids would really enjoy this easy idea too!

Crooked Tree Gift Tag Tutorial
You'll need:
-Scrap of ribbon or yarn- 5-6" long
-Small scraps of CS and Patt paper, does NOT have to be Christmas-y
-2 larger scraps of pp or CS (These will become front and back of tag. You choose size. I recommend 1 scrap of each.)
-Possibly your trimmer, depending on size of your chosen cs/pp tag scrap
-Glue stick
-Hole punch
-Corner rounder or corner punch
Here's what to do.
1. Choose a piece of scrap CS and a piece of scrap PP. Here I chose a leftover pcs of BasicGrey "Dasher" CS and a piece of Generations patterned paper. They are green and red and coincidentally, both have a pattern but it is subtle.

2. Next, glue-stick the 2 pieces together.
3. I then trimmed the red piece off from around the green. I used scissors for this step but I could have used my trimmer. Your choice!

4. As you can see here, I punched a hole in the top of what is to be my gift tag.

6. Then, I used a CM fancy corner punch on the bottom 2 corners, and the Cm Corner rounder on the top two corners. I've also shown here a Fiskars corner punch one could use. It's called "Heritage" has 3 corner choices on it.

6. Ink the edges well. I'm showing the green side here.

7. Tag now is inked and has had its' corners "done." It looks like this:
8. Take your scissors, and cut some triangles slightly "off" - use patterned paper. Different shades of burgundy, reds and greens ar nice. Once in awhile choose a solid.
Scraps shown here are from Accord, BasicGrey, Fancy Pants and Dream Street Designs.

SCRAPPY TIP: Use the straight edge of your scrap as one side of the triangle when you cut!! This makes cutting a SNAP!

9. Use a Kraft, burgundy, or brown scrap of CS and cut small rectangles or "squarish" shapes "trunks" for your trees. Anything goes!

10. Assemble trees, glue in place and add a ribbon or some yarn as a tie or accent. You can decorate BOTH sidea of tag and add a "to:" and "from:" as well. There you go!! A Crooked Tree Gift Tag made totally from scraps!!

Here are some other Crooked Tree Gift Tags I've made from scraps. All they need are ribbon or yarn added as ties.
Have a wonderful day and please do share the link with me if you make any "Crooked Tree Gift Tags!" I will visit your blog or Gallery and leave a comment!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

She's Ours!!

Grace, AKA "Goodness Gracious!" is now ours for sure. the 2 week trial is over and the sale has been completed. Kate is over the moon excited as are we. Grace is a fast learner, can jump, and has a wonderful temperament. She's just what Kate needed, and at 16.3hh, Kate would have to be 8 feet tall to outgrow her! Phew! LOL!
Above is a photo of them riding...

Had an email from Oakley's new family down near Halifax and she is doing super well there. They go see her and ride her almost every day. She had TWO little girls to love her now! Oakley apparently has a stall with a HUGE window and she loves it. In the spring, when the new barn is all done, she will move to a stall where she can go in and out at will. LOL! You earned it Miss Oakley. Wonderful girl.

Welcome Grace! We have already fallen in love with you.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

I Won! I won!

Thanks to all of you for checking out "Polly and her Pony" Stamp contest over at Gina Rahman's "Your Special Delivery" site!


It's so CUTE! Here it is.... This is a watermarked image of it.

Check out this link for more stamps of Polly with her Western gear on, a lasso, and Polly gone riding. I think I shall have to have MORE "Pollys" in my collection...

What about you?

I seriously cannot wait to make a card featuring this little gal!

Many thanks to all my friends who voted for "Polly" and to Gina R. for the fun contest and prize.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Kate and Grace

Thought you'd enjoy a photo of Kate riding Grace on the weekend. Enjoy!


Saturday, October 10, 2009


Farewell sweet Oakley
"Truly Scrumptious"
taken to her new family on October 6, 2009
Pokwock, NS
(Photo by Ali)

We are working with a new horse this weekend and for a 2 week trial period for Kate, who outgrew Oakley, our much-loved pony, 14 2 hh.
Here is what we are "doing" now on the horse-finding front:
Meet Grace: a Thoroughbred/Hannevarian Mare
Grace is 16 3 hh and a lovely big strong girl.
Grace arrived at 10 PM the nght before these were taken, trailered over to Rohan Wood Stable from NB by Kate's coach (TY Alissa).
Just look how relaxed and happy she seems! She had ONLY just been there a matter of overnight; was in a paddock with 4 other horses/ponies and was seemingly as happy as could be. She came over to me a few minutes after we arrived at the paddock, and sniffed my hands; what a sweetheart. Kate rode her yesterday as well. Grace has a beautiful smooth trot!

What a dear girl. I hope this can work out- we know there is training to be done but we have the best coach to help us with that and Kate is willing...
Here are a couple of photos:

Grace in the paddock at Rohan Wood, having breakfast.

Grace in the paddock, standing in front of Abe, whom I call the "the welcoming committee." Abe is such a gentle soul (Abe is the lesson horse that I have ridden.) Grace is actually a TAD bigger than Abe.

The inquisitive girl: Grace

Isn't she beautiful?

We promise to keep you posted on this wonderful adventure! It's pretty exciting!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Chance to win a CUTE stamp PLUS I found 2 freebies!

from Special Delivery, a digistamp company!!

Here is that Contest link . Voting date is October 12th so be sure to pop on by and cast yours! Your opinion counts!

Special Delivery has a couple of cute digi-characters: Annabella Carolers and Annabella Snowman offered up as freebies for you! They are winter &/or Christmas themed. There are several other digital freeebies on that page as well.

Please note, the site is a lot of fun to browse thru-!! The characters are SO danged cute.Awww! I asked for the ones I mentioned, , as we were instructed to do, and they were delivered straight to my email inbox this Am with a nice friendly note. Be sure to ask for these charatcers and other freebies that you'd like to have and... Enjoy!


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New DT Position!

I am so thrilled to be able to announce some wonderful news! I have been asked to fill a Design Team Position at "Creatively Green Scrapbook Store: Craft Supplies with a Conscience!" I am beyond excited as this will really encourage me to continue to "create green" and share that experience with others!

I really like the site and have been participating in things there for a few weeks now. Have already made new friends as everyone is FULL of great ideas and very talented & friendly.

Please do check out the site, it's AMAZING, as is the wonderful store. Go on, explore a bit! Cool place!

Hey, Guess what? I just realized that our Canadian Thanksgiving is THIS WEEKEND! Goodness! Need to go buy a nice big honkin' turkey. Well I hope it doesn't HONK- then it'd be a Goose, not a turkey!!!! (YUCK!) To make it even better, Kate is off all day Friday and we may head to Frenchy's (second hand store) for a fun foray into the button bin (me-- YAY) and the clothing bins (her!) LOL!

Off to beddie-bye now! Sleep well!


Monday, October 5, 2009

World Card Making Day was Oct 3rd!

I can't believe I forgot to post on that special day! LOL, better late than never! Here is a card I made in honour of this special day. I made it for an order I had through "The Perfect Card," which is my card-creating business.
I must add a HUGE thanks and HUGZ to ((((my friend Lois)))) in BC for the beautiful butterflies she sent me.
This card is very sparkly, in real life. Why don't pics ever really do anything justice?? I hope it brought a smile to a special person when she opened it.

Hope you like it! Have a super day everyone! ~

Beautiful Scrappy Work and Some News!

Some beautiful scrapbook pages and some newsy-news over at Sketches, Creatively Yours this mornin'. Why not go see?

Big HUGZ...