Sunday, December 12, 2010

Autism Assistant Dog Guide News!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Everyone~!!!!

Pete and I are here in Oakville ON, having arrived last PM, with a lot of other parents of kids with ASD, for training with Noah's new Autism Assistant Guide Dogs.

Well, we are in LOVE... after working with the 7 dogs assigned to us (the 7 families), taking turns with all the dogs; we got to meet "Argo", A Black Lab, this PM (Sunday). He was the match chosen for Noah. We practised with all the dogs to begin with, and that was good--- a confidence builder. Argo is big, calm, sweet natured; mellow--- and SMART. LOL!

The week is looking busy... lots to learn and do!~

My kids are doing well w/ Grandma and Grandpa back at home. They are very excited about Argo!

Argo, Dec 12, 2010
 :o) Have a great evening!!