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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Value and Beauty Built in...the BEST scrapbook Albums EVER!

Value and Beauty built in: We R Memory Keepers Albums

By Ali MacDonald

I’m a scrapbooker… I save memories through photos and stories.  I’m making sure those memories, thoughts and little information tidbits will be available to future generations.

Because I see the value in memory keeping, I’ve always had an appreciation for items that are “can’t live withouts” in my role as protector of these precious memory treasures.

I’ve discovered products that I can rely on to help me safeguard what is important. These are products that I know and love for their quality finish, richness of design, ease of use, and most especially for their sturdiness.  Today I’ve been asked to share one such product with you.

The We R Memory Keepers Album made for 12x12” scrapbook page layouts. I was given one of these by my parents a few years ago as part of my Christmas gift, and wow: I was very impressed! Here’s what happened.

In 2004, I’d been scrapbooking for about two years, and intensely disliked post-bound albums. I had recently discovered the convenience and ease of 3-ring binders for my layout storage. This happened right around the time that many scrappers had discovered the handy nature of 3–ring binders and there was a big demand for them. The binders were being made for a hasty sale and a quick buck, with poor quality materials and awful workmanship. Having to spend money on albums that were flimsy, unattractive, and made of cheap-looking materials had me discouraged. There seemed to be nothing sturdier and attractive available!

My Mom, a lifelong crafter and home economist, listened to the frustration in my complaints and asked me what would work better. Then she looked for a solution every time she shopped in craft stores. She kept me posted on her progress, and lo and behold, Christmas arrived: she’d done it! I had never seen anything that could be called a decent 3-ring 12x12” scrapbook album until my parents happened across the WRMK ones and rescued me! 

I now use the WRMK 12x12” D-ring albums exclusively in which to store all of my newly created layouts. I’m working on transferring the pages stored in other MUCH less sturdy 3-ring albums over to these. Once I am caught up with WRMK storage for my 3-ring pages, I will also need to transfer several of my post-bound albums, which are falling apart!

I unhesitatingly recommend these albums to EVERYONE. Let’s go over exactly what these albums look like and WHY I am such a fan. Here is a photo of the wine coloured album…

These We R Memory Keepers albums are imported from Italy. They’re made of acid free archival materials and are readily available for purchase.  You’ll be thrilled with these!

The colours are richly-toned and look classic no matter where you display them. Colours available (through are varied: black, cinnamon, navy and wine, aqua, lavender, plum, buttercup, burgundy, orange soda, and more other colours than you could ever count! So be sure to check them out... I can attest that they are just gorgeous!  I currently buy the colour I like- a rich vanilla tone, at Scrappin' Great Deals in Komoka ON.  I buy online, though they do have a brick and mortar store. 

As a major benefit, this is a 3-ring binder style album, so you can open the D-rings to load or move pages around.  This is a convenient time-saver, meaning no need to feel that you can ‘only’ scrapbook chronologically!! The D-rings are sturdy, “sit” properly, and can be popped open and closed when you wish.

The album is roomy; more than true 12x12” in size. I measured: the closed album is = 15.5” wide x 12.5” tall.

The finish is a smooth-to-the touch yet faintly-textured faux leather and can easily be wiped clean. The album is very slightly padded. 

All edges are beautifully finished with decorative, sturdy stitching.

The lining inside matches the cover & is securely stitched in place.

Album corners are tipped in durable, attractive metal. This metal has been shaped to prevent any snagging or scratching. This feature is also self-protective and keeps the album’s corners from becoming bumped or damaged.  

The album spine features a timelessly attractive metal-rimmed identification holder for labeling the album’s contents. Simply change the ID tag in the holder if you change the contents of your album. 

Each album retails for $34.95 at Scrappin' Great Deals and comes complete with 10 top-loading page protectors (ie: holds 20 layouts). I counted, and currently one of my WRMK albums is filled with 30 page protectors (= 60 layouts). If your layouts are “lumpy,” I’d recommend storing no more than 25 layouts in each album. (Tip : Remember that scrapbook albums are meant to be stored standing up.)

I have also used my favourite brand of panoramic style (fold-out) page protectors in my WRMK albums, and have been thrilled with the results. They fit beautifully, fold out the way they’re meant to, and perfectly display memories that “need” to be seen together.

Scrappin' Great Deals in Komoka Ontario carries “We R Memory Keepers 12x12 Three Ring Faux Leather albums as part of regular stock. Here is an easy way to find what you’re looking for!  

LINK:Scrappin' Great Deals

$34.95 per album: Worth every single penny!!!

Try one: I guarantee that this will become your “go-to album” style. Its’ high quality and richness make WRMK albums the only ones worth storing your precious memories in!


A Late-Breaking Tip: If you’re into thinking about Christmas why not ask a family member add this to your special list? Better yet, treat a scrapbooking family member to the value built in to this beautiful product.