Friday, February 10, 2012

LOAD 2-12 (Layout a Day): Days 1-10!!

LOAD 2-12 Day 1
Journaling reads: March Break arrived, and along with it, the time to have some photos done.I love having these photos of Grace as a keepsake. What a gentle and beautiful mare!   
Photos March 2011
Kate’s horse Grace
Photos By Danique Rowsell
(Century Classic Photography)

LOAD 2-12 Day 2

Journaling reads:

Hobby Horse Farm Eventing Show, June 2011 Kate and Grace were approaching the very last jump on the cross-country course, their last event of the day.

As Kate says, “All of a sudden I realized I didn’t have support under my foot. That was when my stirrup leather broke!” No-one was injured, and Kate got off her horse. She led Grace off the field.

When you look at the photos, you can see the loose stirrup leather under Grace’s tummy. Kate is carrying the stirrup iron. It was just an unfortunate occurrence because they had been having such a great round!

Hobby Horse Farm
Coldbrook, NS 
Cross-Country Field

LOAD 2-12 Day 3
 35 Years and a Gluten-Free Squirrel

Journaling reads: Kingston, NS; June 2011
Daniel loved to see the squirrels in our yard. We have at least two, since we have huge pines and lots of space. This little fellow loved being fed the crusts from Noah’s gluten-free bread. He was very healthy looking and busy, visiting every morning. Daniel called him “Hammy.” He watched for Hammy before school while very quietly looking out the laundry room window onto the deck. It always made me smile to see how much Daniel enjoyed his morning encounter with the little guy!

Andover, NB; January 1976
Apparently my grandparents also loved little critters like Daniel’s friend Hammy. He kept them entertained! They were gentle people. Wild creatures were fascinating to them, even though, like us, they lived in a semi-rural area and saw them fairly often. Grammie was wonderful about writing letters to us. She always had something interesting to tell. We looked forward to getting her letters! This is one that my sister Mary and I received from Grammie and Grampie in the winter of 1976.
(I was 10 yrs old, and my sister Mary was 8.)

LOAD  2-12 Day 4
Grade 5 Graduation

Journaling reads: Daniel’s Graduation from Grade Five at Kingston and District Elementary School was held on the last day of the 2010-2011 school year. The students from his class were called up one by one and received their certificates from their teachers Mrs. Fitzpatrick, Mrs. Lincoln and the school principal Mrs. Harris and vice principal Mrs. MacAloney. The gym has always been hard to take pictures in, but today, Daniel was walking soooo fast that he was like a speeding bullet! So, we have a photo of a grey blur passing in front of the teachers after he received his certificate~!! We did manage to get a photo of him walking out of the gym, though, after the ceremony!

LOAD 2-12 Day 5
Experience Connections

Journaling reads: Kate, you and Grace have such a strong tie. You can see it from every angle in these beautiful photos by Danique.
Your connection is effortless and beautiful: it truly must be an “emotional experience” for you.
Love you both, my beautiful girls…   ~ Mom

Photos: March 2011
By Danique Rowsell
Century Classic Photography

LOAD 2-12 Day 6
Little Girl Dreams

Journaling reads: Little Girl Dreams
Kate, when you were little, you always told me you wanted to grow up to be “Subway sandwich artist in the mornings, and a vet in the afternoons.” It was so cute, and it always made your Daddy and I laugh.  As the years went by, your dreams changed. One of them was to own a horse… In 2008 we were able to make your dream come true when we bought you Oakley, a 14.2 hands high Haflinger-quarterhorse pony. When you grew too tall to ride her, we found Oakley a wonderful new family and, on the advice of your riding coach, bought you Grace, a 16.2hh Hanoverian-thoroughbred. You and Grace definitely have a special bond. You’ve been dedicated to working with and training her- she’s been a worthwhile project and has taught you so many life lessons! As time goes on, your dreams are changing- you graduate from high school this year and what dreams arise and are fulfilled remain to be seen. “Dream On,” my beautiful girl. Love, Mom 
Photos by Danique Rowsell of Century Classic Photography: March 2011
Journaling: Feb 2012 
LOAD 2-12 Day 7
Ball Time

Journaling reads: Bryan, you and Argo had the most wonderful time playing ball outside together! Playing ball is not Noah’s fave thing to do, and so, thinking that Argo might miss it, I asked you to run out and chuck the ball for him. It soon became apparent that the two of you were having a blast! I couldn’t resist snapping a few photos of the fun!

LOAD 2-12 Day 9
Eager to go
Journaling reads: In these shots taken by Daddy, Kate and Grace are heading onto the Cross Country field at hobby Horse Farm. They are looking so “together…” Grace was clearly looking forward to this, as you can tell— Cross Country was her favourite event. Kate looks so proud to be riding her!

Coldbrook, NS, June 2011
Journaling by Mom, February 2012

LOAD 2-12: Day 10
Walk the Walk for Autism 
Journaling reads: 
June 18, 2011- Daddy took his boys to Middleton for the annual “Walk the Walk for Autism,” which is an awareness and fundraising event that is province-wide in Nova Scotia. Several locations hold “Walks.” There were many local sponsors, and a huge turnout of over 150 people. The rain held off— skies had been grey and threatening looking all day!  Argo was there beside Noah as his faithful Autism Assistance Dog Guide. Iris, our friends’ AADG, was there with her little boy, Zac, too! Argo and Iris were the only AADGs present at the Walk. A few people did come up to Daddy and ask about Argo, since AADGs are fairly new and there were two at this event!! The funds raised at the 2011 “Walk the Walk for Autism” were used to help fund an Autism Summer Day Camp in our area. (Notice how Daniel has a book under his arm in the first photo!) 

Hope you liked the 10 new layouts! I am having sooo much fun with LOAD- yet again! See you soon! 

New creations at S: CY !

Here are some Sketches from Sketches: Creatively Yours and my interpretations of them! 

Sketch #5-12
by Yours Truly 

And my interpretation:
"I'm so proud of you!" created by Yours Truly
with S: CY Sketch #5-12
S: CY Sketch #4-12 by Ann Seleshanko
And my layout based upon the Sketch: 
"Little Guy- at School"  by Yours Truly
created with Sketch #4-12
Another S: CY Sketch: 

 S: CY  Sketch #3-12 by Yours Truly
"Outdoor Dude '07" created by
 Yours Truly with Sketch #3-12

A Card Sketch: 
Card Sketch #112 by
 Ann Seleshanko, Senior Designer at S: CY
My card: 
Happy Birthday Card
 created with Card Sketch #112
Another beautiful LO Sketch by Ann: 
 Layout Sketch #2-12 created by
S: CY Senior Designer Ann Seleshanko
"Slurpee with my Bro' "  layout created by
 Yours Truly using Sketch #2-12
Sketch #1-12 created by
Yours Truly for S: CY 
"Brindle" layout created by
Yours Truly using Sketch #1-12 
That's it for today folks! Later on I will post a few layouts I have created for Layout a Day!