Monday, June 10, 2013

Have lots of LOs to share!

Because I did LOAD in May 2013, AKA "Layout A Day 5-13," I have lots and lots (LOADS? *grin*) of layouts to share with ya'll.

Hope you like them! I will get them posted a few at a time.

Here are my first few LOs.

I'll number them for you LOAD DAY 1; LOAD DAY 2 etc...

Journaling reads: 
Bryan, on your 17th birthday, we celebrated in our usual way with prezzies and an ice cream cake from DQ. There were a bunch of crisp white envelopes with gifts inside… you’re so spoiled! 
(You deserve to be spoiled by the people who love you, though, so it’s OK.) J
There was one very unusual gift from Dad and me- an electronic gadget that tuned any flat surface into a speaker!
You were ‘over the moon excited’ and very intrigued with this piece of equipment.
OK- yes--- we were all fascinated--- it was just THE coolest thing ever!!!
Your Dad is a smart shopper and told me that he knew right away that you’d like it when he spied it at the store.

Happy Birthday, buddy!

Photos: July 28, 2012
Journaling May 2013 
 "55 F"

Journaling reads
Dad bought a beautiful 15 ft Intex pool in June but we didn’t get a chance to set it up until July… and when we DID, you guys sure had fun trying it out for the first time! The water was mighty cold- Gates’ delivered it in a tanker truck, and the moment that pool was full, you were in it!  The water temperature was about 55 degrees F— it was FREEZING COLD!!! Noah, you lasted longer than Daniel in the water, but neither of you was in TOO long that day!! It was so funny to watch- we got you both warmed up nice and fast after your swim, though, ‘cause we had fuzzy towels ready & it was a hot, sunny day!

Noah (10) & Daniel (almost 12)
July 2012 


Journaling reads: 
The new Intex pool went together well, and we were thrilled with it! Daddy had bought it at Costco in Moncton, NB.  It was really sturdy and looked amazing. We were astounded and awed that we had a 15 ft pool in our OWN backyard!  Preparing the ground (leveling it, etc) had taken Daddy and me all weekend, but preparation is everything. We didn’t regret spending time on that one BIT. Once we finally had our pool all set up in the backyard, we made a quick call to Gates’ to have water delivered for the pool on Monday. Daddy made a quick run home from the Base at lunchtime to be here when the water-man arrived. Mr. Gates delivered 11,000 litres of crystal clean, fresh water with a tanker truck. The delivery cost $175.00 and was worth every penny.  Daniel was fascinated with the whole process. It only took 10-15 minutes to fill the 15 ft pool-- it spewed in so FAST with that huge hose. I “made” Daddy take photos for me! (He’s always so patient with my requests for photos!)  He explained to Mr. Gates that his wife, ‘the scrapbooker’ wanted photos to record the ‘moment’ for posterity. I think other people must have done the same thing, though, because he didn’t seem surprised at all! (Or… maybe he was just being a kind Valley-person!!) J

Photos: mid-July, 2012
Daniel- almost 12 
Journaling by Mom: May 2013

"Take Care of the Wizard"
Journaling reads: 
With Dad’s help, Daniel learned very quickly how to care for his cute, kindly teddy bear hamster, Wizard (“Wiz” for short.).
After all, Daniel had authored The Hamster Book last year, in Grade six, and had it reviewed by a local pet shop owner. (LOL— this is true!)
Argo loved to relax on the floor and watch while Daniel cleaned the cage and Wiz rolled around in his hamster ball.

Photos: October 2012
Daniel: age 12

Journaling: May 2013

"Daniel: Grade 6"
Journaling for this one was hand-written and described Daniel in 2011-2012, and some of the things he did at school this year-- such as writing The Hamster Book. :) 

"Daniel: Grade 7"
I used an extra wallet photo from Grade 6 as an inset to create interest. Journaling, again, was done by hand and described Daniel's school year.

 "Two Minutes"
I chose a really busy BasicGrey Marrakech paper here as Noah is a busy little guy.
I would be SUCH a better Mom to you, Noah, if I could get into your consciousness for just two minutes. Those precious two minutes would help me clarify the “why” of so many things about you. Just two minutes. That’s all. 
I know I could do a better job. I WANT to do a better job.  If only I could understand you better…Getting into that amazing brain of your would help me do that. 
For now, until I can “get inside your head,” I’ll continue being a detective, using our strong connection  and the clues that are apparent in the things you do, say, enjoy or avoid to figure out the WHY of a multitude of things. 
Two minutes. That’s all I’d ask for, if it were possible. I know I’d be a better Mom to you. 
Love you so much, buddy. 
xoxo~ Mommy 
Photo: Grade 4, Kingston & District School (2011-2012)

Journaling: May 7, 2013

Thanks everyone for stopping in! Hope you enjoyed these summer layouts! That's the first seven... I will post more of my LOAD pages soon.

It's on my "radar" to get these all shared and saved on my Blog.

Guest Designer at S: CY!!

We introduced a fabulous Guest Designer over at S: CY this month! Why not pop over and have a peek at the work of fabulous artist and Guest Designer, Angela Fehr!?

Here is the sketch that I created for last Friday, June 7th, over at Sketches: Creatively Yours!

Sketches: Creatively Yours
 Sketch 8-13
"Yours Truly"
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"Birthday Bliss '12" layout 
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See you again soon!