Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The last of the LOAD LOs...

I decided that today I would share the final LOAD layouts that I created. I love doing LOAD, it just gets that scrappin' mojo going! :)  Here are layouts 12-21. Yep, I did 21 layouts that month instead of my usual 30. It's Ok, life had to take precedence, which is as it should be. :) The spring was kind of nuts. Despite the fact that 'We don't do crazy,' it WAS crazy! LOL

Anyway- here they are-- better late than never!

Here is a layout of our tuxedo-cat Mitty who sleeps or lies in the funniest positions!
"Paws for a rest"
Paws strip: Dollarama
Paw square: TPC Studio
Ticket: CTMH
Cat embellie: Sandylion
Cardstock & Inks: CTMH
Background paper and vertically striped strips: CTMH
Lettering: BasicGrey and Glitz Designs
Font: Arial

I took the chance this LOAD to get a LOT of the kids' school photos scrapbooked. So you will see a few LARGE pics scrapped here! It felt so good to get those done...

"Bryan- Grade 9"
"Bryan- Grade 10" (2011)

"Fast Forward"
Daniel, when I found these two photos of you at different ages, I placed them near a current one to see how much you’ve changed and grown. :)  What a cute baby and handsome kiddo. Time sure does do a “fast forward” when we look at photos this way!  
Photos of Daniel Cole XXXXXXX
18 mos old - 2002
6 yrs old -     2006

12 yrs old -   2012

All cardstock and papers- CTMH.
Embellishment strip- CTMH
"Winsome look"
One day in March, Argo was outside in the backyard. When we peeked out the window to check on him, there he was, ON the picnic table!! This was QUITE hilarious, since Argo is NOT usually a trickster at all. As he looked winsomely up at us, we took some photos. Who could resist that face? When Daddy called Argo in, off he jumped and away he loped, back into the house. SO cute and funny—but good thing he won’t be making a habit of THAT!
Photos- March 2012

Journaling by Mom- May 2013

The cardstock & the polka dot papers above are from CTMH. Plaid paper is from TPC Studio.

"Daniel Cole Age 10" (Grade 6)
Had a little bit of fussy-cutting "fun" with this one! I used up some very old BasicGrey paper from the "Archaic" collection! (Oh groan-- yep-- pun intended!) 
Do you like the 3-D palm tree? LOL Had to hide a big mistake on this one (oops!) so used the fussy-cutting to my advantage! The Kraft paper and inks used here are from CTMH.

"Bryan- Grade 8"
I used an inset photo of Bry's grade 8 "Grad" photo (going from middle school, on to high school). I like how this turned out! One photo was from Sept 2009, the other, from Spring 2010. All papers and cardstock from CTMH. 

"Bryan Alexander: Grade VII"
That was a tough photo to scrap as they did something weird with the background when they developed the photo package... (very bright...) anyway, I know it's better to have the photo than NOT have it, so I scrapped it anyway. The photo is so bright though, it washed out ALL the papers I tried. so I went with papers  that had a slightly distressed look. As I said- tough one! These are all CTMH papers, pearls & inks, so happy I had them! 

"Noah Adam Scott: Grade One" (Sept. 2009)
Adored using Crate Paper's older "Brook" collection on this page. Ahhhh.... this photo makes me smile. That's our youngest. :) 

"Cherished Son, Daniel- Grade 3"
There was a great deal of peachy-tone to the photo background on Daniel's photo. I chose to draw on this in my paper choices. These are all CTMH cardstock, patterned paper and inks. Tags and tickets were cut from some CTMH papers, too. Ribbon from my stash... button is from my daughter- she gave me some BasicGrey buttons for Christmas! 
As you can see, I am a very linear person. Even my clustering looks "linear!" LOL
There, all done posting the last of the 21 LOAD layouts! Hope you enjoyed! On to newer things in the next post. Have a great day- do something creative!! 


Monday, July 8, 2013

More Layouts from Layout a Day in May!

Hi Everyone~! 
As promised, here are some more May 2013 layouts... LOAD 513 was a lot of fun and I got a tonne of layouts created-- which means that stories were told. 
"Birthday Time Again"
(An 8 1/2 x 11" page)
The above page was created as an accompaniment to my "Gadget" birthday LO, created on LOAD Day 1, as seen below. I think these work really well together. I had fun using the smaller size to complete this birthday page set.  The smaller page just indicated that the cake was from DQ and showed some cards and a the date. Simple easy LO to go with this one: 
"Gadget" LO from LOAD DAY 1
"Our Old Soul"
Argo, you are so much more than Noah’s buddy. You are special. You are a Dog Guide, especially for him. You are intelligent, you are loving. You accept Noah just the way he is. You help us keep him safe… you help him focus. 
More than anything, you are an “Old Soul.” 
Bless you for being who you are.
We are so thankful for you. 
Photos- Spring 2012

Journaling by Mom May 2013 

"Fast Friends"
Journaling here was  written by hand and described Kate and her cat Misty in Winter 2012 on a visit home on the weekend. Misty always missed her! J 

"A Special Place"
This was a layout I was ever-so-glad to get down on paper. I used a stock photo from the internet but will be replacing that with a new one soon!

One of “our places in the world” is connected to our children and their education. It is Kingston and District School, right here in our own little town.

I drove Kate and Bryan there the first 2 years… every day, there and “home again, home again, jiggety-jig” because we wanted to take advantage of the French Immersion Program that was not offered at the school in Greenwood where we lived on Base.

Once we moved to Kingston, we were in the “right” area and the kids took the bus.

Kate began going to Kingston and District school in 1999, and Bryan, in 2000. (Daniel was 3 weeks old when I drove Bryan and Kate to school that September day in 2000, for Bry’s first day!)

Daniel began going there in 2005. Noah, in 2007… He is now in Grade 4-- still a student at KDS. Our other children have moved on.

It is now 2013, and as you can see, we have been apart of this school for 14 consecutive years. No wonder I feel that part of my heart is there. We have had each of our children attend this school.

Kate, our eldest,  graduated in the same school district where she began- the Annapolis Valley Regional School Board, with her French Immersion Certificate: unheard of for a military kid. But that’s just the way it has worked out.

Our elementary school has been more than amazing. We have had kids go thru French  Immersion, the English program, plus one on an Individual Program Plan (IPP). I thought we had pretty much covered everything…   And then, in October 2011, Argo, Noah’s Autism Assistance Dog Guide (AADG), began attending this school, every day, with his special kiddo.

I wrote an article about this school’s work with Noah and his AADG, Argo- and had it published.… I have volunteered there…we have participated in fundraisers, been to their Spring Flings and concerts…  even took care of the Grade Primary butterflies at home over March Break one year. We have loved artwork the kids brought home, and I have created my own artwork to feature their creations.  We’ve benefitted from, and enjoyed some autism-related events offered in the school building, like Music Therapy once a week for Noah.  I’ve loved the photos Noah’s team sends home, and have created scrapbook pages about class trips and school activities.

We have been happy with this school-- overjoyed with the TLC and educational opportunities it has offered each of our children. I have recommended it without any reservation to other families who have a child with ASD thinking of a move within the province. 

This school has been the main reason we have stayed here as long as we have. Our hearts are here, the best school is here, we NEED to be here. And so, we are.

Kingston and District School

Photo:  May 2013 

There you go! Hope you've enjoyed these!  Will work away at getting more layouts posted as soon as I can. :)

Have a wonderful day!