Wednesday, August 13, 2014

My "Surf's Up!" Kit for August 2014

Here is the kit I put together from my scrappy stash for the August "Surf's Up!" Kit at Scrap Stash Kit Club (SSKC). The colours were navy, yellow and aqua...:)

"Surf's Up!" Kit Cardstock

"Surf's Up!" Kit Patterned Papers
"Surf's Up!" Embellie Kit  (Wide view) 
"Surf's Up!" Embellie Kit (Close-up view) 

"Surf's Up!" Add-on Kit 
And here's my first SSKC August 2014 layout!!
Layout #1 created w/ Surf's Up! Kit
"No Monster Man"
Journaling reads:  

Noah, you are a child who rarely has tantrums.  A “meltdown” is unusual… You probably have 3 or 4 really big ones in a whole year!
 Despite the fact that your Autism Spectrum Disorder can make the world a confusing and sensory-overload filled place, you usually seem to take it all in stride. We are so proud of you, and we do our best to make your world and path in this life easier for you. Making things predictable really helps, and we are masters of that!
Not to focus on the negative, but if you DO have a tantrum, usually it is sparked by:

1) …Not being able to access something on the computer that you were able to get to at one time. This sometimes happened if the company removed a kid-stuff video you liked. “YouTube” is REALLY bad for doing this!

2)… The words “Just wait!” Yikes, they can sometimes make things stressful for you. You become upset and repeat the words “You have to way-ait!” and cry. It’s hard to explain that it would just take a few seconds to help you or locate the thing you wanted.  The phrase “My turn” results in the same reaction.

3) …Being told that you’ve had “Enough white noodles for now” upsets you sometimes (LOL)-  OHMY…you sure LOVE your white noodles! (GRIN)

4) …The stubborn part of you sometimes lands you in tantrum-land, too.
You (ahem) take after Daddy and me, and we’re both rather stubborn!

So, what helps?
Distraction sometimes works, but that has become a little bit harder as you’ve become older.
Dr. Bach’s Rescue Remedy almost always seems to help you cope. (It’s homeopathic.)
Prevention really works too- we have set up good predictable routines, and we’ve also noticed that if big brother Bryan takes you outside to play on the swings-- or in winter, to use the sled; or if Dad takes you and Argo for a walk,  you’re calmer and better able to cope. In warmer weather, swimming or bouncing on the trampoline is therapeutic, too.

You are not a child that we would ever call a “tantrum-er.” We are very lucky that you smile a lot and “putting on the grumpy monster-face” is a rarity!!!! Love you, Noah!

Photo by Daddy: Nov 19, 2012
Journaling by Mom: Jan 2013 (updated Aug 2014)   

The above LO was based upon a sketch created by Lain Ehmann in August 2014- @ the ScrapHappy site.

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Monday, August 11, 2014

Two more "Squeeze kit" layouts

Although "We don't DO crazy" is our family motto, July was just that- CRAZY.
Despite this fact, I did manage to create two more layouts with the "Squeeze Kit" that I made up from my own scrappy stash using inspiration gleaned at Scrap Stash Kit Club (SSKC) where I am a member.
 SSKC is such a supportive and fun place to share and inspire one another! TY to our leader, Margareta Carllson for creating this positive place where we can all relax and share our creations-- memories for our families, loved ones, and those who will come after...

Here are the final two pages I created with my July 2014 Squeeze Kit.

They are both "Oaklawn Farm Zoo" pages. I will include the journaling for you as well.  Oaklawn plays such a huge role in our family's life!! It opened later than usual-- in mid-April this year... after a terrible winter. As you can see, the kids were still wearing their "still-almost-winter" jackets-- and these photos were taken after Easter! We were 'ever-so-glad' to see the winter of 2013-14 pass!

"Zoo Open '14"
 SSKC "Squeeze Kit" layout #3
Journaling Noah has a lot of noise sensitivity…as you can tell by the fact that he is protecting his ears… but he still loves going to the Zoo!  We are pretty sure it’s his favourite place in the world. He asks for it from closing in November ‘til it reopens in April!
Photos: April 2014

"Four Lions" 
 SSKC "Squeeze Kit" layout #4

Journaling: The winter of 2013-2014 was horrible all over Canada and the Annapolis Valley was not exempt from its fury. Although Oaklawn Farm Zoo in Aylesford had planned to open on Easter weekend, the date had to be changed. (This was the first time in 18 years that we can remember that happening!)  The miserable, stormy weather just hadn’t allowed the staff to ready the Zoo for visitors.
Needless to say, as soon as the Zoo opened Daddy took Bryan, Daniel and Noah for a visit to see all the critters. Most notably, there were now THREE new lions in residence: “our” Zoo was hard at work rebuilding its’ pride. Sterk, who’d arrived in the Spring of 2013, was joined by Nyah the lioness and little Obi. Mama to the former pride of lions, Esther, was still at Oaklawn. She was in her sunset years and boasted a well-earned private spot, sunning herself daily and enjoying leisurely catnaps.  Daddy had been following the three new lions’ progress all thru the winter via Oaklawn’s Facebook page, and the way they had grown since their arrival at Oaklawn was exponential. Such beautiful, regal creatures; each with their own look, personality and quirks!  

Photos by Dad (Pete) ~April 18, 2014
Journaling by Mom (Ali) ~July 17, 2014 

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