Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mini Album: Christmas 2014

 When Christmas 2014 was over, I decided to get the pics scrapped as close to the event as I could. I needed to "finish" a project-- I just wanted that satisfaction! There was a bit of a delay as my big Shutterfly order was lost by Canada Post. Shutterfly (such an awesome company!) graciously replaced the order free of charge. When my pics arrived, I created THIS book. :) 
I used CTMH CS in Glacier as a base and a gorgeous dye ink in the same shade... I also used up a partial set of  Figgy Pudding CS and embellie stickers that I'd been HOARDING since Heaven only knows when. I am so satisfied with the fact that this got used up! The metal floral embellie  and the "2014" number stickers on the title page are from CTMH as well.

Here we go, a set of  6x6 layouts from Christmas 2014- 

First and final pages (mini-album)
 Christmas Memories: 2014
This white bisque  nativity scene is a traditional symbol of "Christmas" to Pete, me and the kids. It was a wedding gift (in 1992) from my parents after we found it in a shop in Grand Centre, Alberta. Pete and I chose it for its beauty and meaning. In December, our family  places it on top of the piano where we can  easily see it and enjoy this peaceful manger scene in its classic simplicity.

"My Pal"
Argo the Autism Assistance Dog Guide and his new friend Skye, the gentle six month old Leonberger pup, enjoyed cozy time asleep relaxing near one another. This sweet nose-to-nose image, lovingly captured by Pete, denotes the carefree and relaxed start to our family's holiday! It was a wonderful few weeks of just spending time together. 
Photo: mid-December 2014

 "Merry Christmoose"
Noah creates fun handprint art regularly at school. 2014-15 is his last year at KDS--- his final year of elementary school--- and although I HOPE it won't be the last of his school handprint art, it may well be. When we received this in his backpack, Daddy and I took a photo of it because it was just such a treasure. We sent a copy of the picture in the mail along with our Christmas card so that Noah's Grandma and Grandpa, plus his Oma and Opa (all in NB),  could smile right along with us. They loved it, too!

"Christmas Tree" calendar page

We always know that when the calendar is flipped to December, Noah will begin his requests for a "Christmas tree". As soon as he starts asking, I choose the square for the first Friday in December and draw a big triangular tree on it. We label it 'Christmas Tree!' This way he knows we'll be getting the tree soon and he won't have to ask about it so many times!  He loves the tree and decorating it. Our family always goes together down to the old Stork's Landing on Kingston's Main Street. There we choose a tree that was freshly cut (locally) in Lake Paul. Noah always has to give the tree his "sniff of approval!" and that seals the decision for us! This year Daniel chose a tree he liked, and Noah gave the "sniff!"

"Decorated Tree"

 Our Christmas tree, all decorated, at night: it looked so stunning!
(Photo:  December 23, 2014)
(R) Noah helping to decorate the tree, right after Daddy put on the lights. 
(Photo: December 7, 2014)
"Together we have it all"
It isn't often Pete and I have a chance to have our picture taken together. Bryan took this one on  Christmas Day in front of the living room window. We had been opening gifts. Sure loved the way this one turned out! Thanks Bry...  2014

Dad & the boys/ Mom & the boys
(Kate was working on Christmas Day) 
Pete and I live for our kids, and Christmas Day is a chance to  spoil them all. Love these very special photos of  us and the boys on Dec 25th! (We missed Kate, who was working.)  

"Christmas Dinner on the 28th"
In our family, we don't have  our Christmas Dinner until the 27th or 28th: We're "all about easy!"  Basically, this choice means that everyone gets to "RELAX and ENJOY"  on Christmas Day. This year, Kate & her boyfriend Nathan joined us for Dinner on Dec 28th. We had a lovely visit! 

"Cracker Candy"
(A special treat we only have at Christmas)

The special treat at Christmas-time at our place is "Cracker Candy." This delicious confection starts with butter and brown sugar, spread over crackers, cooked, then topped with semi-sweet and white chocolate... finished off with a sprinkling of  toasted, slivered almonds. We give  Cracker Candy in Christmas tins as "Thank you" gifts and use it as a treat here at home, too.

Delicious... NO--- Scrumptious!

Hope you've enjoyed the album!! Thanks for popping by!