Monday, October 19, 2015

Puppy Pictures and Layouts!

So happy you're here! I have some new pages to share with ya'll!

Since Skye, our Leonberger pup, is over a year old, I felt it was time to do some pages of her baby-days! 

Like animals? Especially puppies? Then- sit back and enjoy!

"Today was a Wonderful Day"


"Baby Skye"


Skye, our Leonberger pup, was twelve weeks old when she joined our family and became Argo's buddy. Leonbergers  originated in Germany. They are bred from Newfoundlands (Newfs), Saint Bernards and Grand Pyrenees. The Leonbergers  are intelligent, fast learners with a great temperament. They are good with children and other pets. "Leos" are a working dog and can work at mobility support, water rescue, cart pulling and are often used as therapy dogs at hospitals, for the elderly, etc...
Female "Leos" like Skye can  weigh up to 115lbs. Skye weighed 33 lbs when we first brought her home.  :) 
Love our "Leo"-- and so does Argo!
Photo: Sept 21, 2014
Journaling: July 6, 2015
'Skylark' paper collection- CTMH
'Seaside' paper collection- CTMH
'Timberline' paper collection- CTMH
Thick twine: Glacier- CTMH
Twine adhered with Liquid Glass- CTMH
Word strip- 'Seaside' collection- CTMH
Pinwheel punch- Fiskars
Basketweave border punch- EK Success
Floral shapes- Sizzlits
Tiny lettering: Glitz 'Tiny Type'
Flowers: from my stash
Pearls: Dollarama
 "Baby Dawg"
When Skye was little, she loved to lie on Noah's mini-trampoline in the living room. She had a cute way of relaxing in what Daniel had very affectionately dubbed "the pose."  It was adorable! :)
A lot of times when Skye was lying on the trampoline we'd see her busily chewing her 'Nylabone.' She loved giving her little puppy- teeth a workout on that thing!  
Photos- Sept 29,  2014
Journaling- July 10, 2015

ALL patterned paper: 'Hopscotch' paper collection- CTMH
Sunset cardstock- CTMH
Glacier cardstock-CTMH
Lagoon cardstock- CTMH
Floral sticker: 'Hopscotch' complements- CTMH
Turquoise resin flower- CTMH
Flair badge button- 'Hopscotch' complements- CTMH
Orange enamel dots- Simple Stories
Title lettering using CTMH Sunset cardstock- Sizzlits "Nouveau" collection font
Sunset and Crystal Blue inks- CTMH
Chevron accent strip: Chevron Border Punch- CTMH
Green chevron 1/4" ribbon- CTMH
Fine-tipped scissors for fussy-cutting- CTMH
Scalloped border punch- Fiskars
Pinwheel punch (for turquoise flower) - Fiskars


Journaling (done on strips): 
More fun on the mini-trampoline
New chewy toys to play with. :)
Skye- Sept 30, 2014
Cute as a button- 14 weeks old

ALL patterned paper and fussy-cut pieces: 'Hopscotch' paper collection- CTMH
"Hangin' out" word strip: 'L8tr Sk8tr' collection- CTMH
Number strip: 'Hopscotch' collection- CTMH
Tab: Hopscotch complements-CTMH
Turquoise enamel dots- CTMH
Smoothie Cardstock- CTMH
Title lettering using CTMH Smoothie cardstock- Sizzlits "Nouveau" collection font
Autumn Terracotta and Crystal Blue inks- CTMH
Birds: fussy-cut from 'Happy bird-day' collection patterned paper- 3 Bugs in a Rug 
Fine-tipped scissors for fussy-cutting- CTMH
Scalloped border punch- Fiskars

"Sweet as Honey"
This is Daddy's favourite photo of Skye.
When I asked him why he loved it so much, he said "It's just so funny, she looks cute with her hair off in all different directions!!"
She also has a sales receipt in her mouth- Skye was mischievous and sneakily loved to steal papers out of the recycle-bin and chew on them!  
Plus, look at those HUGE paws!! 
Cutest picture-- and cutest puppy-- EVER.
Skye 15 weeks old
Photo by Daddy (Pete)- Oct 11, 2014
Glacier Cardstock- CTMH
'Hopscotch' paper collection
'Hopscotch ' complements- hexagon border
'Hopscotch' complements- "Love this" sticker
Tab: Hopscotch complements
Turquoise enamel dots- CTMH
Metal triangular studs- CTMH
Autumn Terracotta and Crystal Blue inks: CTMH
'Sweet as Honey' stamp w/ hexagons- C1537 "Honeycomb Flair"- CTMH
Fussy cutting done with CTMH fine-tipped scissors

"Nose, Ears Toes"
Skye has grass on her nose,  a winsome face, cute floppy ears, and HUGE puppy feet in these pictures. Sitting on the indoor trampoline in that sweet pose, she's adorable! Can't help but love her! 
Skye- 15 weeks
October 11, 2014
Photos by Mom/Dad- Pete/Ali

'Blossom' paper collection- CTMH
Inks: Autumn Terracotta and Crystal Blue- CTMH
Blue/turquoise enamel dots-  CTMH
Brads- CTMH
Flowers- old stash (MME)
"I love you"- old stash (MME)
Title lettering- Basic Grey (coloured with SHINHAN markers from CTMH) 

 This is the facing page for the "Nose, ears and toes" layout.

While Argo was at work, we'd find Skye lying on the cool floor, relaxing-- and if she was sleeping, she looked like a big ball of furry fluff! She also really loved the vantage point that sitting or lying on the mini trampoline gave her.
Skye- 15 weeks old
Oct 11, 2014
'Blossom' paper collection- CTMH
Baker's twine (Autumn Terracotta)-CTMH
Inks: Autumn Terracotta and Crystal Blue- CTMH

Tab and number strip from my scrappy stash

"Shining Thru"

The longer Skye was a part of our family, the more we could see her "personality" shining through. She was such a sweetheart! Skye was a super-fast learner, picking up commands and routines like nobody's business. Very quickly, she started to follow the same commands that we'd been taught to use with Argo. This made it easier for everyone!
Smarty-pants girl!
Skye- 16 weeks old
Photos- Oct 27, 2014


CTMH inks in Sorbet, Crystal Blue and Glacier
NEW Zoe collection patterned paper

Vellum camera: Zoe collection complements
Veneer butterflies coloured w/ CTMH's 'SHINHAN' markers
Flowers all from from my stash 
Floral centres: CTMH resin flowers
Title lettering-  BasicGrey from my stash also coloured w/ CTMH's SHINHAN markers

"What is it?"

Journaling: (on strips of cardstock)
What IS that thing? Hmmm... 
Just a little farther... STRETCHHHH!
GOT IT!!!  Darn... doesn't taste very good...
Late October 2014
Skye- 16 weeks old

'Skylark' paper collection- CTMH
'Rockin' Topcoats overlays- CTMH
Saddle and Crystal Blue pigment inks- CTMH
Brads- CTMH
Word strip- 'Skylark' paper collection- CTMH
Chevron strip- 'Skylark' paper collection- CTMH
Lettering: 'Nook and Pantry' collection- BasicGrey

 "Mellow Girl"


Skye, like many Leonbergers, liked to be up off the floor 'cause it gave her a better vantage point. The mini trampoline we kept in the living room for Noah's use was her chosen spot when she was small. She soon grew too big for it, but these photos of her relaxing there, playing with the 'Gator, are just more mellow puppy-cuteness!
Skye, 17 weeks old
November 1, 2014

'Pathfinder' paper collection- CTMH
Saddle and Kraft Cardstocks- CTMH
Olive and Saddle pigment inks- CTMH
Veneer heart- CTMH
Sparkles- CTMH
Enamel dots- Simple Stories

That's it for today!...I have more puppy pages though, and I'll share them really soon! Thanks for popping in!